Our God Is Able!

Shortly after she got married about six years ago, my cousin’s daughter, Jenny, was diagnosed as having an extremely rare condition known as Wegener’s Granular Mastosis (I know the first of those three words is correct, but I’m not sure about the spelling of the other two!).

This disease is so rare that it was only discovered in the early nineties. The condition is life-threatening and Jenny has to take medication for it. To the disappointment of herself, her husband Tony and her family, they were told that it was very unlikely that Jenny would ever have a child. They were wrong!

Towards the end of last year we heard that Jenny was expecting a baby. Believing that Jenny’s condition could in some way affect the pregnancy, I frequently prayed for her. I prayed that she would give birth to a healthy baby in spite of her condition.

On March 3rd this year, Jenny gave birth to a little girl, Jessica, but it was disappointing to hear that she weighed only two pounds and that her chances of survival were not good. She was two months premature. When she was born, she was just a tiny handful of skin and bone and spent some time in intensive care.

Again, I frequently prayed that God would allow Jessica to live and that she would grow into a normal healthy child. Jenny’s family are devout Catholics and no doubt her family were praying for the baby’s survival also. On July 13th we went to Jessica’s Christening in Dunstable. She now weighs over nine pounds and is a normal healthy baby. Tests have so far shown that there is nothing wrong with her.

This is almost like history repeating itself. Many years ago, when their son Roger (Jenny’s brother) was born, my cousin (also called Tony) and his wife (Phil) were told that Roger would not survive the night. Wrong again. Today Roger is a healthy six footer and he is getting married in October!

We had an enjoyable day with them all, although theirs is a high church and I was unaccustomed to the formalism! The church ceremony was followed by a gathering in a local golf club.

I was amazed at how well Jessica had pulled through.

What a wonderful God we have!