Our God, Our Guide, And Our Guard

Here is a story about how God watches over us, guides us, and speaks to us.

In 1980, my bride-to-be and I were driving to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Washington-for-Jesus rally at the end of April. I had a small pickup truck with a camper shell and a small utility trailer for carrying the camping gear. We planned to take a week for the trip: drive three days to get there, spend one day in prayer and fasting, and drive back to Dallas in three days.

It was Spring and that year was a wet one. It rained all day every day on the trip to Washing ton, except when we stopped to eat and when we stopped to camp at night; during those times it stopped raining. On the second day, we were somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee. We looked in our camping guide to find a campground for the night and found one located a few miles off the Interstate. It was late; we had been driving all day, we were tired and it was raining. We were hoping the campground would be a good one.

We found the exit off the Interstate, which led down a country road. It was very dark because of the rain clouds and the mountains all around us. There were no lights to be seen. We followed the directions precisely and thought we were doing well until we came to a T-intersection in the road that was not mentioned in the camping guide. We stopped, looked to the right and to the left. It was too dark; we could not see a thing. I asked my sweetheart, “What do you think? Should we go right or left?” She said, “I don’t know; this is not in the book.” I said, “Well, let’s try left!” So we did.

We had gone about a quarter of a mile down the road, when I really began to wonder if we were on the right track. I said, “I wonder if we are lost.” At that very moment, the road curved to the left and the headlights of my truck flashed across a huge billboard that said, “He who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ is not lost, but saved.” God spoke to us through that billboard about our current destination and our ultimate destination. We found the campground about a half a mile further down the road. It was very nice with comfortable facilities (hot water) and we were the only ones there – we had it all to ourselves. But we also know that Jesus will bring us to be with Him when our journey here on earth is completed and we will celebrate at the wedding feast with all the saints.

Do you sometimes wonder where you are going? Don’t be afraid, no matter how dark it is or how lost or hopeless the situation may seem. Jesus is watching over you. Commit your life to serving Him and He will guide you now here on earth and ultimately take you home to be with Him forever.