Our Jobs: Front Line Ministry Opportunities!

God provided jobs so that we could be productive and find fulfillment through them. Jobs should glorify God. Jobs are not meant to be ‘slavery.’ But some are. In the New Testmament (and Old) we read of slaves being commanded to ‘obey their masters’ for this is right in the sight of God. This leads me to the conclusion that, although a job may seem like (or is, in fact) ‘slavery,’ that God wants us to still submit to our ‘masters’ (those over us). However, he wants us to do it ‘as unto the Lord,’ the passage says.

Be joyful, and don’t be bound by fear when doing your job. (After all, you are a testimony for the Lord, and you don’t want people getting the wrong idea about what it means to become a Christian!) If you suspect or feel like fear is getting in, start to sing quietly, and let the Lord lift your spirits. Call a good friend who can pray for you. Get together with a friend over lunch on a weekly basis, and share and pray over your work situation. You’d be amazed what God can, and will, do if you but let him and give him the chance, soliciting him in your prayers (especially with a friend). While Satan may sometimes get you down, remember that the Bible talks about strength when we get together with other brothers and sisters.

If our boss asks us to do something which is corrupt or immoral, then we say, ‘No, I will not do that. For it is wrong.’ We can be forthright about it, but polite. Usually, if we do it in the right spirit, it will be received. We should have peace about it. We should pray about it first (to see how we should relay this message to our boss). If our boss is predisposed to getting angry, or, if we feel that he may be (even though he has not demonstrated it), then we might want to be ‘extra gentle’ but still forthright (God will give you wisdom).

While jobs may ‘seem’ like slavery, the truth of the matter is that most of them are a true gift from God. God desires that we find fulfillment in our jobs, and that we learn to find true spiritual rest in the midst of doing them. A job may, and is, a ministry opportunity. Depending on one’s pursuasion, one may consider it ‘full time ministry and an opportunity to show others about the love of Christ,’ or, one may consider it, ‘full time boredom, something I just want to get away from so I can get home and be with the wife and kids.’

Be careful when considering that jobs are only ‘full time boredom, something I just want to get away from so I can get home and be with the wife and kids’. After all, God put you where you are for a reason. He needs you to be right where you are! You are his light. You are his witness. And if you were not there, a giant ‘void’ would be present in your office space! (Think about it.) This, friends, is front line ministry! Today, as you begin your job, let God take charge, and show you what great and mighty things he will do, if you but give him the chance.

‘Lord Jesus, today I submit my life to you completely. I will not be discouraged, because you are with me. With you, Lord, all things are possible. The devil has no hold on my life, for my life is hidden in you. Lord, use me today. For Christ’s sake. Amen.’