Our Mysterious Past

Just beneath the lush vegetation and majestic scenery of our planet is a massive worldwide graveyard. Plants and animals are buried by the billions under count-less tons of mud and sediment which have subsequently turned to rock. How did all of those organisms get there? The answer to that question is THE KEY to understanding our origin.

Starting in the early 1800’s geologists have chosen to interpret fossils and sediments based on a presupposition of slow accumulation, or more recently, multiple local catastrophes over billions of years (uniformitarianism). Thousands of geologists have been indoctrinated in this belief and have spent the last 150 years actively fitting the evidence into this interpretation of earth history. Yet there remain many facts unexplained by this interpretation. Most of these “mysteries” disappear if the reality of a recent worldwide flood is accepted. A jury looking for the truth starts with eye witness accounts. In addition to the Bible, which clearly presents the worldwide flood as a factual event, every major culture in the world has a flood story. From the Aztecs to the Chinese … Aborigines to the ancient Greeks … all cultures have an ancient account of a universal flood. Many of these stories include details of a righteous man being saved on a floating vessel and attribute the event to judgment from God. If this really happened, people would have spread across the globe after the catastrophe. As centuries passed the account of the flood would have become distorted. This is exactly what we find.

More evidence comes from fossils. The very existence of fossils is evidence of rapid burial. Fossils do not form today unless animals are rapidly buried. Yet many fossil deposits contain billions of tightly packed and intricately preserved creatures indicating that they had been washed together and rapidly buried. The extent, frequency, and lack of decay found in many fossil beds testify to the worldwide extent of the catastrophe.

The nature of the rock record is also a testimony to a worldwide flood. At many locations around the world, often resting just above those rock layers containing very few indications of life, there is a conglomeration of rocks and boulders. The Great Unconformity in the Grand Canyon is an example of this. The Great Unconformity represents a supposed 500 million years of missing earth history. But is there really any “missing” time? Along this interface great boulders of Shinumo Quartite are buried exactly as if they were transported into place by energetic flood waters. [1] The expected consequence of an extensive and energetic flood would be the rapid erosion of massive amounts of sediment and the redeposit of these sediments at other locations. Rocks and boulders would drop to the bottom of these flood waters and come to rest at the top of scoured surfaces. This is what we find between the Tapeats sandstone/Dox sandstone border in the Grand Canyon. Evolutionists assume there is a “missing” 500 million years at this border. Creationists see the evidence as a conformation of a worldwide flood with no “missing” time.

Creation geologists have only been working to explain the massive sedimentary rock layers of our planet by a worldwide flood for a few decades and there is still much to be explained. However, the creation model explains many problems which the uniformitarian model does not despite 150 years of study from an evolutionary perspective.

The truth can only be found if all of the evidence is examined. Does our current scientific and education establishment allow for this freedom of investigation?

1. Austin, Steve, Grand Canyon Monument to Catastrophe – Field Study Guide Tour book, pp.44, ICR, 1993.