Overwhelming Praise

Danny, Greetings in the Mighty Name Of Jesus. I can’t begin to tell of my unspeakable joy and love for God today! I am overwhelmed with praise! I have been going through so many things here lately and I thank God for them all, because the victory over them all, shows me how much He loves me and how I am more than a conquer throught Christ Jesus who strengthens me! As you may already know I am a Information Technology recruiter. I live in Greensboro, NC (the Burlington side) and work in Winston Salem, NC. That is a 45 minute ride to work and a hour and 15 to 30 minute ride back home (due to traffic).

The company I work for has been going through some severe changes and the atmosphere is so depressing, and stressful! I watched people come and go as if this were a train station. My boss is a very stressed out man, stubborn, and very nasty to his employees.

Strange thing is … he has never been nasty to me – not even once. He has always been respectful and nice to me. I don’t know if its because he knows I am a Christian and a preacher, or what … I just praise God for it! To narrow the story … I had not made a placement in two months, I felt like the bosses were about ready to fire me, everybody here around me is stressed out and walking in fear, and after a year and a half, I was very tired of that commute to work.

Well I gave it all to my father in prayer! I got tired of holding the concerns for myself. I released it to my Lord and I let it go! The Lord keep putting in my spirit the scripture Matthew 6:33 ‘But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.’ Well in two weeks time God showed my His wondrous love one more time! My bosses here called me into a meeting and told me how much they appreciated me, the clients appreciated me and to keep trying … God showed me how much favor I had with my bosses and Him!

That same day I had sent a candidate on a 1st interview with a new client and that same day they made my candidate a job offer … God showed me that He sets the pace and can put a urgency in my client and candidate to commit now and a placement was made! Then to top it all off, I had been interviewing with a company, in Greensboro, five minutes from my house doing the same thing and they made me a job offer! I’ve got a job in Greensboro, close to my home, a ten thousand dollar salary increase, a $400 a month auto allowance and they pay my cellular phone bill!

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

He is an ‘On Time God’, A Way Maker, and He’ll answer all our needs! God took care of it all! I love Him so much! This is not the first time He has done this type of thing for me – it’s just one of the many times! He is so awesome! He told me on Friday that He was my personal manager and as long as I gave Him everything that concerns me and serve Him, He would handle my affairs: spiritual, natural, financial, emotional, whatever it was that pertained to me!

How can people not love my God? He is so faithful, so loving, and so real! He never promised that we would not go through some tough times, BUT he did promise that He would never leave us nor never forsake us! He promised us that He would supply all our needs and to take no thought about our needs … He is Jehovah Jirah.

God bless you Dan and stay close to the fire of the Lord and may He continue to bless you expediently and abundantly! Thank you for all the great FCET stories!