Prayer Works

Some time ago, I received a prayer request over the internet concerning a particular 6-year old girl named Amanda Bundy. At that time, I followed up directly with the originator of the prayer request. As it turns out, this is a pretty old prayer request. The response they got was so overwhelming, that they set up a web homepage to handle it. The updates on the web page start early in 1998 and the last one is from June 98, and she is doing quite well now (Praise God). As of today, it has had 23000 hits since May!

If you email –out of date email address– you will get an automatic email back directing you to the site:

–out of date URL–

It raises a couple interesting theological and other points though :

– 23,000 hits! wow! imagine the prayers that have been raised up for this young girl, and the power that is available through prayer chains such as this. These are only the people who checked into the site … consider how many actually pray without following up! When I was initiating prayer requests for my sister-in-law Sandi, I figured there were many prayers being raised up, but as someone had responded back to me, we really just have no idea how many. For those of you who wonder if the work we do as engineers and technologists really works to further God’s plans … it certainly does! He’ll use everything we do in His name, for His own glory.

– How does God hear and answer prayer? God transcends time and space, having created it. Can prayers said after the fact or after the prayer was answered (in our timeline) continue to impact the (now historical) situation? … I definitely think so. Good question for your next Bible study session.

– That being said … a chain is a chain, is a chain, … especially now with e-mail. For those of you who’ve heard of the little boy dying who wanted to worlds record for get well cards, he’s been well for about 10 years now, and is STILL receiving get well cards. I remember seeing that request through our prayer chain a few years ago. So while I believe that it is still well and good to pray for an unknown situation even after God has answered the prayers, I would recommend that if you send out a prayer request via email, that somewhere in the body of text you include the date of the original request. Receivers can then pray as the Spirit directs them, even if it seems that the request was from quite a while ago.

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Dube

Original Prayer Request Follows:

I am writing to you now to ask for your help. I do not really know how to start a prayer chain, but we need a miracle. Amanda Bundy is a 6-year-old girl in Greensburg Pennsylvania, the daughter of some very close friends of ours. A few weeks ago her mother was giving her a hug and felt a lump on Amanda’s back. An X-ray showed it to be some sort of growth, and later tests discovered that is a massive malignant tumor that has spread to all parts of her chest and abdomen. There are no organs that are untouched and she has more tumor in her body than she has organs.

As I write this, she is hospitalized after a biopsy of the tumor, and her parents are waiting for the results of a bone marrow test. If her bone marrow is clean, then they have a chance to save her with chemotherapy. If they find cancerous cells in her bone marrow, then the only hope to save her life is a miracle. She is in no pain yet and appears to be a perfectly healthy, beautiful little red-haired girl. She doesn’t even know she is sick yet and can’t understand why she has to go to the doctor so often if she’s not sick.

I am asking for your prayers on her behalf. Please pray for her healing and for strength and comfort for her family. She is only six years old. Think of a six year old in your life and imagine that life being cut short. You can only imagine a fraction of the pain and fear her parents are facing. They need a miracle of God’s healing so that they can watch their precious firstborn grow up.

Normally I hate email chain letters but now I am asking you to send this letter, or copies of it, to everybody you can think of that will pray for Amanda. Please also take her name to your church and church groups and ask others to pray for her healing. Many thanks and may God bless each one of you who cares enough to pray for a little girl’s life. – Michele Stefanowicz

PS – If you would like to be kept informed on Amanda’s condition via e-mail, send your e-mail address to me at –out of date email address– and I will keep you posted. I am asking that each and everyone of you please forward this on to everyone that you know. Just think if this was your little child going through this right now. We all know that God can heal this little angel if it is his will. Please take time to do this right now. – Thank you, Mary A. Daniel

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