Prophetic Word

Below is a prophecy I gave during a Sunday service some time ago. May you be blessed as you read it.

‘I am the Lord your God. I am your presence. I am with you. I am in you and I am about you at all times. Because I am in you, you take me wherever you go and wherever you are. I am your peace, my peace I give you that passes all understanding. All you have to do is receive it and keep it at all times regardless of circumstances.

I am your shepherd – I guide you and direct you at all times and take care of you. You must allow me and want to let me do it continually in your life. I am your rightousness. By my blood, you are made rightous in Me at all times. You are righteous, you are the royal priesthood, the chosen generation, my delight, my pleasure, my army, my diciples. I am your victory. Yes, the battle is the Lord’s.

You must trust and obey and I will deliver you from all troubles when you cry to me and trust me for the victory. I am the Lord God who fights for you. I am your provision. I supply all your needs even before you ask. I am your provision and I live in you just trust and obey. I am the Lord that heals you. I am your health. You must repent and close all doors that may be open to the evil one. My blood breaks all bondages. Bring all before the Lord for cleansing and forgiveness. Your past belongs to me to be cleansed and covered with my blood.

I live inside you and you are the temple of the Spirit of the Living God. Yield to my Spirit, surrender all to Him – all you are and all you have and I will be your God and you shall be the sheep of my pasture and I will live my life through you and so let your personality bubble up and effervess with the Lord living in you and then you shall be my witnesses in your gatherings, your community and beyond – even to the ends of the earth. Rely on and be confident in the Lord your God and trust in me, have confidence in me – and trust and obey – and I shall bring it to pass in your life and you shall glory in the Lord your God.’