Prophets, Prophesying, And Prophecy, Part 2

If you are a prophet, and, like Elijah was, you feel you are under attack, don’t be surprised, because the enemy hates the Lord’s prophets (1 Kings 18:4). They are a real threat to him, and to his work. That should be an encouragement to you, as you “press in” to see the Lord’s will accomplished in your life, and in the lives of those around you. Like Elijah, you may feel all alone in your prophetic mission, and that you’re the only one around that God is using. (1 Kings 19:10). However, God still says that he has reserved plenty who have not bowed, and will not bow, their knees to false gods. (1 Kings 19:18).

The enemy has his prophets, who are speaking lies in this day and generation, who are no better the false prophets of Baal and Asherah who used to eat at “Jezebel’s table” years ago (1 Kings 18:19). Some are doctors, who practice and teach that abortion is right. Others are phychologists and phychiatrists, who teach that there is no such thing as “sin” and so there is therefore no “right and wrong” choices that we can make in life. Others are elementary, high school, and university teachers, who teach that life came from an “accident” and so, therefore, there is no Creator to whom we must one day give an account! So, you see, the enemy has his false prophets. Let it be said, they are FALSE prophets and should not be listened to, but rather, at God’s command, they must be challenged!

Like Elijah said to King Ahab, so God says to these misguided individuals today, “come let’s meet on Mount Carmel! You call on your ‘god’ and we’ll call on our true God. We’ll see who answers! The one who answers by signs and wonders, this is the true God!” (1 Kings 18:24). (We must be careful when issuing such a call, that it is truly of God, for we would not want to speak presumptuously in these matters.) Today, I believe, God has issued the challenge! He has done it lovingly, yet, he has done it. I believe we’re seeing some of God’s answers as he “answers by signs and wonders” in various ways! (Just look around you and see some of the stuff he is doing. If you are not seeing any of it for yourself, take your car or a bus to a place where some of this is happening, because it IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND YOU!)