Q & A

Please answer TRUE or FALSE.

1. When I die, I hope that people will pray for me.

2. When I die, I hope that people will light candles for me.

3. When I die, I hope that people will hire/rent/ask a priest or minister to do a special ritual on my behalf, so that I might go to heaven.

4. I believe in a “prayer wheel”. I attach a written prayer on a piece of paper, and attach it to a wheel that blows in the wind. For each revolution of the wheel, I know that God will hear my prayers.

5. I wear special clothing to a religious place of worship because I know that this is what God expects of me. Sometimes, I may take off my shoes in a religious place, because otherwise I might offend God.

6. I do not eat meat. This offends God.

7. I do not eat certain meats. Certain meats offend God. For example, I do not eat pork, or cows. Cows may be a re-incarnation of one of my relatives, or my friends, who has died. Therefore, I would not want to eat a cow.

8. The spirits live in trees. In order to prevent the spirits from attacking me, or doing harm to me or my family, I must put out a special offering of food for them. Then, they will be happy and not cause me or my family harm.

9. It is a good thing to sacrifice an animal, so that God will be pleased.

10. The priest or minister is more holy than the average person.

11. A person cannot just be a saint, “like that”. It takes very special acts of sacrifice to God to be a saint. One also has to be dead first, before one can be made into a saint.

12. If I am not baptized when I die, someone can get baptized in my place. In other words, they can baptize me “in absentia”. God will then understand that I am baptized and I can be accepted by him and go to heaven.

13. I must face a certain city when I pray. Otherwise, God will not hear me that well (he might hear me a little, but he would hear me more if I prayed towards a certain city).

Answers tomorrow!