Reach Out and Touch Someone (Part 2)

There is the true story of the small group that used to meet regularly for fellowship. They would discuss various issues, as well as personal needs. But one of the men was afraid to open up completely and had a problem that really needed some serious attention! He was constantly thinking of committing suicide. The man, however, never shared this with his small group, but kept this very important “secret” all bottled up inside of him, so that no one was able to reach out to him in love, and provide him the understanding, and the caring, that he so desperately needed. This is a true story, and, unfortunately, the man eventually followed through with those ‘thoughts’ that were roaming around in his mind. He committed suicide.

Now the story doesn’t end there, because as soon as this man was dead, another man from the same small group made the confession to the whole group, to the effect, “Here I have been all this time, thinking about committing suicide myself, but I never ventured to share it with the group for fear of being ridiculed. I thought no one would understand. I thought that people would laugh at me, and make sport of me. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that there was someone else just like me, right here in the midst of us, who was thinking of doing the same thing! I am so sad that he actually went ahead and did it, when I actually had it in my power to help this man who had the same problem as I did! If only … if only … if only …” But it was too late!

Reach out and touch someone … before it’s too late!