Reach Out and Touch Someone

Today, somebody needs you. Somebody needs your affection, your love, and your understanding. That someone may be your spouse, your best friend, or your worst enemy. That someone has a deep need: To know that there is a hope in this world in which he or she lives, and to know that you have not abandoned him or her. Today, something needs to be done. Today, you need to make it your aim and your purpose to reach out and touch someone.

It may not be easy, but you need to do it:

[1] For God’s sake, because God is depending upon you to do that, so that his purposes might be fulfilled,

[2] For that person’s sake, because that person needs to know that he or she is loved, and that there is a hope out there,

[3] For your own sake, because you will be blessed as you make it your aim to bless the other person in this way, and,

[4] For everyone else’s sake, too — because by blessing one person, you could be unwittingly blessing a whole slew of other people, who will be positively impacted by what is going to happen to them as a result of that person’s life.

Woah! ‘That’s a lot to handle’, you may say. ‘I believe it’s true, but I don’t know how to even begin to accomplish this!’ The answer is: prayerfully. Only God can lead you to exactly how it is going to happen, and what you should ‘do’, in the ‘working out’ sense. But here are a few ideas, so you can get an idea of how this working out process ‘might’ occur:

1. After praying for that person, and asking God to bless them, consider buying that person something that they like. The idea is, ‘you’ve got to take some action’ because you are God’s ‘hands and feet’ — don’t just sit there forever! It might be a candy, some flowers, something ornamental — whatever it is, something that means a lot to them. Consider this, too: As you excercise your ‘giving’ power in this way, you are imparting a sense of love and acceptance to that person. You are blessing them merely by your attitude that you have towards them. Blessings are bound to flow.

2. After praying for that person, send that person an e-mail, or a card in the mail, simply saying that you were praying for him or her. Let that person know that you love them using some of your own creativity: draw a picture on that card. Better still, make it a ‘hand made’ card. I once did this with a pastor-friend, and later he said that the card came at a very crucial time in his life. It was when he was experiencing tremendous pressure. The timing had been God’s timing, to be sure (for I really knew nothing of these events).

These are a just a few ways that you can ‘lend a hand’ to the Lord, and make his love known in this earth. Think of some other ways. Let God inspire you. Begin it all with prayer. Reach out and touch someone today. The world will be a better place. God purposes will be fulfilled, and his kingdom will come — on this earth, just as it is in heaven.