Reflections On The Wall

We were stuck in a place on the other side of the wall when a hand came through a hole in the wall and a voice said grab hold. I was afraid because I did not recognize whose hand it was. All I saw was a plain silver ring and I knew no one with a ring like that. So I pulled back afraid that someone I didn’t know would drag me out and off to the unknown and I would be lost. Lost in a worse place than I was in already. Being stuck in that place was sometimes distressing enough.

Someone beside me took hold of the hand though and disappeared through the hole as he was dragged out from that place. I could hear the joy on the other side of the wall as voices where raised in praise for having one more join them on the other side of the wall. Then I became even more fearful as I heard pounding and rumbling and the wall shook. The wall began to crumble. The hole became bigger. Almost big enough to get through by myself. Another person in that same place with me struggled and pulled himself to the other side of the wall. It seemed he did it without prompting or help.

I was still afraid. My faith was the only thing I could hold on to that gave me comfort. Then the wall began to fall. They were breaking down the wall. As the wall fell I began to see the people on the other side of the wall. All kinds of people. Black, white, red, yellow. All different but all as one as they raised their voices in praise to God. They thanked the Lord for what they had done. Breaking down the wall. Saving others. Increasing their fold. They could see me clearly now but I was still afraid.

Then a hand reached out across the gap which was left from the wall which was torn down and I saw on it a ring. It was a diamond ring. The ring which my father always wore. I grabbed the hand and as I finally accepted the help which had been offered before the wall was torn down I saw my father’s face. He had already made it to the other side of the wall. He had been the one offering help to me before but my perception had been off because I only saw the other side of his hand before then.

My father was with all the others. All of different nations. Different tribes. Different denominations. But all praising the Lord as one. All believing in Jesus Christ, the son of God, who had died and was raised from the dead. Who had died for our sins and was the first and only savior of us all. Who had made the hole in the wall which started the saving transition.

Jesus had reached out and saved the world. My father had grabbed his hand when it was offered to him and all the others. He had accepted his saving grace even though he had a different perception of things than some of the others. But he had found long before I that it didn’t matter that each may have some differences in their belief or perception. They all believed in Jesus.

It was just like when I saw my father’s hand the first time all I saw was the silver ring. If I had only seen the other side of his hand I would have recognized the diamond ring he always wore. Maybe then I would not have been afraid. Perceptions. Fear. Overcoming them. Finally. I was awakened. Saved.

I learned from all this that you need to build up your faith and not be afraid of others and their differences in beliefs when they ask you to join them for the same cause. To join in the same praises to our God. To join together and thanking our God. To break down the walls and fill the gap. To be one people. God’s people. Though we may not recognize the hand offered it may be the hand we need. We all believe in Jesus, the son of God, and that He died and was raised from the dead that we all may live. Our faith will not be shattered. And no one is trying to convert us to any other belief.

We are one. We basically all believe the same thing. We have begun to accept each other and live together. Unafraid. Building up each others faith. Joined in unison. All Christians. Like a salad all different but all one. Thanks and praises to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit for enlightening our minds and beginning this revival. The wall has been broken. It is being torn down. We are standing in the gap. Filling the gap. All one in the body of Christ. Won’t you join us?

Will Evans – one of many Christians