People try so hard to open a story with drama, that the line, “I was born in the midst of a terrible snowstorm” has become a cliche joke. But, believe it or not, in my case it’s true.

My Dad loves to tell stories, so I’ve heard this one many times, including the part where the storm blew a tree down on top of the car. But, in reality, my early life was not dramatic. In fact, I tell people my family was the basis for the show “Leave it to Beaver.” I grew up with two loving Christian parents, and two respectable sisters.

Oddly, my accomplishments to date have been to defend clay pots amongst those of porcelain. At the same time, God has been filing my sharp tongue down to speak more softly for what is yet to come. Let me explain.

I can recall a Bible study I attended where women were in the majority (there were only two guys). The subject turned to how many husbands are lacking a spiritial life – how they simply don’t open up and express their feelings as they should. I replied that my grandfather barely ever spoke a word to me, but that I understood his feelings perfectly, and that he knew exactly what I, as a young man, needed. My grandfather was a very proud independent man. No one was allowed to use his equipment until they had proven themselves on second hand tools. One day when he needed to go to the store, he tossed me the keys to his precious car, and told me to drive him there. That was all he said, but I knew exactly what it meant.

I then told those ladies that talking more is not more communication. If they really wanted to hear the spiritual messages there husbands were sending, they needed to listen better.

My words and tone were not very graceful, and it is a credit to the ladies that they accepted my message. I have since heard someone explain my point much better than I.

I have many other anecdotes about the clay pots and their place in God’s kingdom, but I’ll stop at one more – my career. Science was never cool when I was in school, and it often isn’t cool at church either. But to me, Science is exhilerating – I feel myself abiding in Jesus (as he tells us to do in the Gospel of John) when I am exploring the wonders of His creation. I openly admit that I long had a problem accepting those with strong spiritual gifts and no apparent pragmatism. I still struggle, but I now see their place. I also work to explain that God, in His infinity, finds joy in what they do as well as what we gearheads do.

In Christ,
Kevin J Knox