Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion

The Lord showed me the following in a dream on April 26, 2010.

Two high-ranking Germans where looking at using US-made military aircraft. At one point, outdoors, I was with one of these German officers, who seemed to tower above me by at least (a very unrealistic) 4 feet or more (way way up), suggesting he is very “high” in terms of authority. I wanted to change his heart, so that he would use the US-made military equipment in a benevolent manner, so I took his hand and said I would like to pray for him. I did not wait for him to say, “OK” or “NOT OK” but then went on to pray for him, and my prayer was that he would have the heart of God. Evidently, this person, whoever he is, has very high-ranking authority and has the power to use US-made military equipment to carry out his goals.

In another segment, I was with numerous soldiers outdoors for what appeared to be a “practice drill” (the practice drill seems to be a pre-invasion phase of the same actual invasion, where the land is being spied out). Assuming “left” is “west” (and for the rest of this write-up) we were hiding underneath improvised shelters as military aircraft would come swooping down overhead from the north with their huge spotlights (the spotlights were very bright and lit up a swath of ground), thus simulating a real-life combat situation. In the practice drill, the aircraft would come and swoop down (very close) and we would all be hiding underneath these improvised shelters setup in the field (nothing more than a few boards in some cases). The shelters were not adequate to protect us from gunfire; only to actually hide us. However, this was a practice drill situation, so there was no real gunfire, so it makes sense that the shelters did not need to actually protect us. What was not understood by the army was that a real fighting situation was imminent and on the horizon. The real enemy was about to show up on the scene. That’s what I knew, even though I could not see the enemy at that precise point. This appears to signify that “war is on the horizon.”

As I kept watching, the military aircraft from the north having the spotlight then flew overhead and kept flying towards the south past a tree. As it flew past the tree in the south, the military aircraft grazed the tree and a boat then descended from the air (obviously it came from the military aircraft). The boat landed on a very large branch of the tree which initially impeded the boat from landing as the boat rested on the branch. This signifies a delay in carrying out the invasion. However, the branch soon gave way, and the boat landed upright in the water without being impeded any further. At the point of landing in the water from the air, the boat was facing north, which would appear to signify an air/sea invasion coming from the south. Physically, this will probably be the case, as boats enter from the physical south. Nevertheless, they will originate from those who are operating the military aircraft from the north.

Off in the distance, to the west (possibly north west) some very unusual airborne war machines were on the horizon. They were very unusual indeed and were definitely very foreign. They seemed roundish or ovalish with many different lights on them and remind me of a seahorse. They were smaller devices than very large airplanes, and they had the ability to move very precisely over the earth. They had the ability to almost hover and move like a pack of bees. I’m sure there must have been at least a dozen of them flying together in very close-knit formation (as in a swarm). These aircraft were not immediately close so that they could be noticed by the so-called “allied” forces, but I could see them coming from the west. There seemed to be a few others with me at that time, who could also see them, suggesting there are some people the Lord has shown who also know that a conflict is on the horizon.

In the final scene, it is “day” and I see numerous people in numerous boats on the water. The “day” seems to indicate that the war is over. I see some smiles on some faces indicating that the fighting has ceased. There is a positive outcome, but at what loss, this is not indicated.

Water seems to be very prevalent in this dream. Even the imagery of a sea horse may indicate a sea invasion. No time-line is given. It is set for sometime in the future.