Sex, God, and Life

The issue of sexual relationships is an important one that many people differ on in terms of their opinions.

It used to be, long ago, that I believed in sexual relationships before marriage. And I had no real standard to go by, as many do today, and so I could not really define what was right or what was wrong. Of course, I never wanted to impose any type of morality on others, and that was not even the question. The question was, what type of morality was right for me? Later, I found out.

Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in 1985. Then I started to find out what morality was all about, but it was just the beginning. Morality started with a relationship with God. I didn’t have all the answers, but I did pursue that relationship with a passion. I’m very glad I did, because God began to do things in my life.

The first real thing He did was give me hope. Daily I would look to God for my provision and my strength. I knew He was there, not as a judge in my life, but as a friend. He wanted to help me do the right thing, but I didn’t really know what the right thing was. That is, I didn’t know about it until I read about it in His word, the Bible. People also told me about His morality, and His requirements, and I listened, and I learned. Slowly, but surely, it began to make a difference in my life.

I began to see the reason why God did not want sex outside of marriage. It began to make quite a bit of sense. It was not that He was a kill joy, for He invented sex. Rather, it was that He wanted to protect relationships, so that people did not get hurt. Thus, when I met my wife, we did not have any sexual relationship until we were married. Concerning other types of sexual relationships, I also began to understand why God’s word taught that marriage is to be between one man and one woman, at the exclusion of all others. Simply put, it honored God and honored His created order. And to honor God meant life indeed. How important would this be in my life to honor God? Extremely important. For without this honor, God would have never healed me.

In 1991, which was about 6 years later, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is a very severe form of arthritis that affects the spine, the rib cage, the neck, the sacroiliac, my wrist, my foot, my jaw, my eyes, and my groin. My body was inflamed. It was living hell on earth. I had no solutions, but a lot of questions. The doctors had no answers and told me my spine would fuse. My father, his sister, and my own sister, also had this disease. But in the midst of it, I decided to talk to the one who had all the answers, which was God. He pointed me in the direction of a certain group of people who literally believed that God was willing to heal and deliver a person from their diseases and sicknesses. Would He deliver me? It remained to be seen.

The answer to that question is that, in fact, He did deliver me completely from this disease, and also instructed me on the reasons why it had its hold on my family. Believe it or not, all the answers were found in the Bible, but I had to dig them out over a period of many years. The disease had a grip on us, because we had actually forsaken God in generations gone past and this curse was passed down the family line because of this. And believe it or not, it was all found in the Bible. Even one of the churches I was with did not understand this at all, and I had to leave that church in order to find one that did understand it. It was not an easy task getting free from the grip of this very painful disease, but it was possible, and God showed me how. Not surprisingly, He used quite a few other people to help me.

In the midst of all of this “revelation” life is becoming much clearer than it used to be. First, I am understanding how good the God of the Bible is, and how true He is, and how right He is. It’s all beginning to make a lot of sense to me now, after more than 30 years, for it was now many years ago that I first came to trust in Him. Coming to “know” God is a big word, and a big concept, but what I have seen is that it starts with a decision to trust in what Jesus did in dying for us on the cross so many years ago. This all used to not make a lot of sense to me. I didn’t understand why Jesus had to do that. For what reason did He even have to die on that cross? I could not wrap my brain around it. But in 1985, it hit me and I finally began to understand it. It would take me a little while longer than that to fully understand it, but after studying the Bible and talking to many others, I would finally understand that God the Father sent Jesus Christ the Son to pay the penalty for our sins, so that we ourselves would not have to endure the same punishment. For of a reality, Jesus Christ suffered for our sins. He took upon Himself punishment. It was punishment for sin that He took, and the reason that He took it was that God, being righteous in all His ways, must punish sin, for any just judge must do that, otherwise, he would not be a just judge. But God, being the most righteous of all, had to punish sin. Instead of punishing us, those whom He created, He decided to take upon Himself the punishment that we deserve, so that all those who trust in Jesus would have everlasting life. Jesus became our substitute, the “just” dying for the “unjust” the Bible says. God did it so that we ourselves would not have to take upon ourselves that same judgment. God offers eternal life to all those who will trust in Him.

My story is a true story. It is a story of God’s love coming to save sinful man. I am one of those men that God saved. I now consider myself a servant of God, and my sole desire, in a very real way, is to simply point others to this great God who created us. He created us not for evil, but for good. Yet there is an enemy of our souls, Satan, who does not want us to believe in Him, for he knows that Jesus Christ really is the only way to God, and he does not want us to find Him. The story gets very interesting indeed, but will have to wait for another time. For now, I want to say that he does exist, and we need to be ever so careful to be on our guard to ensure that he does not get the upper hand in our lives, and the lives of our children, whom God has entrusted to us. If we will do these things, then God will grant us life indeed. But he who forsakes his responsibilities before God will suffer much harm. I am speaking of course, with reference to my own relatives, who did just that, and suffered great harm, which then opened the door for this cruel and debilitating disease, which many suffered from needlessly in our family, because they did not adhere to God’s ways. It is a long story, one of love and redemption. It is a story of God’s desire to bless those whom He has created, if they are willing to follow His ways and do the right thing.

My story of disease and healing actually involves getting out of major trouble with unseen angelic forces that were given permission to afflict me and my relatives, on account of not adhering to God’s ways. I have written about some of this in other writings and will continue to do so, for as long as God gives me breath.

I encourage all people to put their faith in the God of the Bible!

I started this testimony stating that the issue of sexual relationships is an important one, and one of the reasons I feel so strongly about this is because of my new understanding of God’s requirements in my own life, after having served Him now for more than 30 years. I have seen the difference it makes to serve Him with purity of heart and of soul. I have seen why He has created the regulations and requirements that He has, and realize that it is all because of His goodness that He requires us to keep His commandments. There is a statement in the Bible that I now understand more than ever, which indicates that His commandments are not burdensome. In other words, He has not put them upon us to cause us trouble, but to liberate us into all that we were ever intended to be. Unfortunately, not everyone approaches this subject in a very sober way, and some people may tend to heap abuse on others for not obeying God’s commandments.

In my case, all I can tell you is what God has shown me. I have seen life come from obeying His commandments, and I have seen death result from disobeying them. I am an engineer and a very technical person by nature. I look at cause and effect. I have seen the effect of disobedience, and I have seen the effect of obedience. That’s all I can say. As to God’s love, I have also seen and experienced this in a very tangible way. His love is very real. It is so real, it can be felt. In some cases, it may lead to intense joy and in some cases even weeping. On the topic of weeping, I have a great deal to say, because I myself wept for about 6 months in the late 1990s, and this was very much related with why I got healed, but again, it will have to wait. For now, suffice to say, that God delivered me from much grief, and that grief was all stored up inside of me, as a result of my past. God’s desire is not to hold a stick over our heads, and blame us for our past. His chief desire is to liberate us into all that we were ever intended and created to be, which centers around relationship with our families, relationship with others, and relationship with God. Thus, God is a god of relationship, and intimacy, and there is far more to life than many people realize. To live simply for today is not wise, in light of eternity and in light of the souls of men and women, which are far more important than being able to do my own thing. What I really want to know is, “What is God’s thing?” That makes all the difference in the world!