Sharing the Biggest Blessing of All, Part I

You never know who you are going to meet, or what God, in His wisdom, is going to motivate you to say to another person. Recently, I met Greg in the hallways. I knew Greg to see, but had never spoken with him before. In fact, I knew Greg to be a rather stocky person, and in my heart, I felt somewhat intimidated by him! Nevertheless, by sovereign decree, Greg and I happened to meet in the hallways one day. I knew it was a divine appointment. The “anointing” was there. Neither of us was going any place until God had done what he wanted to do (as long as I was sensitive to his voice). Quite easily, I could “feel” the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

We talked for a while, and it was good talking. I could tell that something was happening. Information was flowing between us — important information which would be used by God to “build up Greg” to the point of trusting what I would be sharing with him in only a few minutes. These were precious minutes. If I didn’t “succeed” at properly building Greg’s trust in the first few minutes of our conversation, then our conversation would be of little value in God’s eyes, for God would not be able to use it to help Greg understand that Jesus loves him and wants him to put his faith in him. This, in fact, was the all-important message. If nothing else of importance happened that day, Greg needed to hear this message. And he needed to believe it, deeply, in his heart.

As we talked, an amazing “anointing” was present (I am getting used to this anointing). There was, quite simply, a divine “power” in our midst, and I could feel it. I could feel God turning that conversation to fulfill his purposes. At two points during our conversation, Greg and I simply looked into each other’s eyes without having much to share (get this). God was in our midst and there was really nothing to do but wait for God to move. Greg is not even a Christian, but he just stared into my eyes, as if to say, “I’m with you on this …. I’ll wait around until you have something to share.” It was awesome and neither of us was in a rush. The anointing was simply that strong, and I knew that God was saying, “When I’m done, you guys will leave. But not until.”

I kept on sharing with Greg, as the Lord provided utterance and direction. And he did! During all that time, I had a tremendous, overwhelming, peace that “all was well.” And then came the big bomb. God spoke to me, very clearly, “Let him know you are a Christian.” Now that has often been the hard part. But please, let me tell you something that is so vitally important. If you can flow in the anointing for the first part (building trust with another person, talking about general things), then it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you OBEY GOD by continuing to flow in the anointing for the second part — the part about sharing your faith. After all, if you fail to share your faith, then you have failed to share the “biggest blessing” of all.