Sharing the Biggest Blessing of All, Part II

After Greg and I built trust together by talking for a while under God’s anointing, then came the “bomb.” God spoke to me and said, very clearly, “Now share with Greg the fact that you are a Christian.” To our western mind-set, that sometimes doesn’t make too much sense. We are inclined to want to say, “No, Lord, that really doesn’t make sense! What is he going to say? So what!? He’s not going to be interested in the fact that I’m a Christian.” And so the argumenting goes. However, in obedience, I simply told Greg (lot’s of faith here now …), “I’m a Christian.” Greg just stared into my eyes. Then I went on. “I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my life about 13 years ago. It’s made a tremendous difference to my whole life.” Greg seemed to be listening.

Something happened when I said those words. Now I’m not saying that something happened in Greg’s heart at that point in time, but something happened to me. I became a little more comforatable sharing with Greg. The ice had been broken, our conversation was now getting warmer. I was then able to continue on, without feeling any sense of pressure which I had been prone to only an instant before. Something happened. I became “faith energized.” “Share with this guy!” something told me. The gate was opened. He was in a listening mode, able to receive what I was saying! The time was now, and would there ever be another time like it? I didn’t know. But I continued sharing.

“God has been healing me supernaturally of a disease.” That did it. Greg was now “all ears” and it showed. “I had thryroid cancer many years ago,” Greg responded. “They removed my entire thyroid gland.” With that, the door was wide open to keep on sharing, and keep on sharing I did. I was able to share with him about the grace of God in healing me from my medical condition, how God’s grace has been prevaling over judgment in my life, and how God has been teaching me to give, rather than to want to take all the time. I talked with Greg about how God has been helping me to be sensitive to people. And then, as I kept on sharing with him, something happened. The anointing began to diminish. I clearly sensed that it was now time to go. God’s word had been shared. Greg had been built up.

Greg was not a Christian yet, perhaps, and maybe didn’t have saving faith like we tend to want to describe it. That was always a direct concern of mine. “God, how could you let me go without challenging Greg on receiving Christ as his Lord and Savior?” I used to often ask inwardly at times like this. This was often a very frustrating thing for me to have to deal with. But God’s answer was, “But you HAVE challenged Greg on this very point! You have explained to him that you became a Christian 13 years ago. You explained that Christ has made a tremendous difference in your life. Greg was “all ears” when you explained that to him. Don’t think I was not working in his heart to convict him of his sin! Greg has heard the gospel “loud and clear.” He must now wrestle with all that you said, and the implications of it.”

My job now, of course, is to pray for Greg, and others like him, that they might come to Christ. Will you join me in this awesome task, in order to see lives touched by God himself, who ultimately, is the only one who is able to “draw others” unto himself? May God be pleased to use us, his vessels, to bring glory to him on this earth.