Shattering Bondages

Lord, I’m standing on the truth of your Word. You said you would give us the keys to the kingdom, that whatsoever I would bind on earth would be bound in heaven and whatsoever I would loose on earth would be loosed in heaven. Right now, in the name of Jesus Christ, I bind my will to the will of God, that I will be constantly aware of His will and purposes for my life. I bind myself to the truth of God that I will not be deceived by the many subtle deceptions of the world and the devil.

I bind myself to the blood of Jesus, that I will never take it for granted. I want to be constantly aware of its miracle-working power to restore and heal and keep me safe. I bind myself to the mind of Christ that I will be aware of how Jesus would have me think in every situation I come into this day. I do not want to react out of my own human, carnal thoughts when situations arise suddenly. I want to think and act as Jesus would have me act. I bind my feet to paths of righteousness that my steps will be steady and true all day long. I bind myself to the work of the cross in my life so that I will continue to die daily to my own selfish desires and motivations and be more like Him.

I bind the strong man so that I may spoil his household and take back every bit of joy, peace, blessing, freedom and every material and spiritual possession that he has stolen from me. I take them back right now. Satan, I loose your influence over every part of my body, soul and spirit. I loose, crush, smash and destroy every evil device you may try to bring into my sphere of influence during this day.

I repent of every wrong desire, attitude and pattern of thinking I have had. Forgive me, Lord, for holding onto wrong ideas, desires, behaviors and habits. I renounce and reject these things. In the name of Jesus Christ, I loose (destroy, crush, break, smash, melt, etc.) every wrong attitude, pattern of thinking, belief, idea, desire, behavior and habit I have ever learned. I loose the strongholds around them that would keep me from being completely surrendered to the will of God for my life. I loose all doubt and confusion from myself.

I have bound myself to the mind of Christ and I loose every wrong thought and evil imagination that will keep me from being in sweet unity with Him. I bind and loose these things in the name of Jesus Christ, who has given me the keys to do so.

Thank you, Lord, for the truth.