Soul Train

I was awakened by the first beam of the morning sun as it filled the room with a warm, glowing light. While pulling myself together, as I do every morning, I noticed that the clock beside by bed was racing through the minutes like it was in fast forward. According to this clock, several hours had passed in the little time I had been standing there. I thought, its a wonder that thing still works at all with all the abuse I give it; so I started toward the bathroom to take a shower. Midway there, I had a funny feeling this wasn’t going to be one of my usual mornings.

As I waited for the running water to warm up enough so that my body wouldn’t be thrown into shock, I could faintly hear the sound of a locomotive moving down the tracks. The same sound I used to listen for as a kid out of my bedroom window, but that was a different place and quite a long time ago. The thing that bothered me was that there hadn’t been a train in this town for the past ten years and the tracks it used to run on are now rusted and broken.

While the warm water was running down my face, the sound gradually became louder and louder. I quickly finished my shower, and threw on an old jogging suit, soiled and torn from years of continuous wear. I stood there, staring at myself in the mirror, wondering what could be making that sound. When all of a sudden the train noise, which was now almost deafening, stopped and there was a period of silence. That silence was quickly interrupted by a loud blast coming from what sounded like a trumpet or horn. At that instance, I lost all sense of where I was and soon became unconscious.

I awoke feeling totally at ease, as if I was still at home, but this wasn’t my house or any other house I’d ever seen. I immediately noticed that I was standing with a small crowd of strangers and that my attire had changed along with my surroundings. That old rugged jogging suit was now a spotless white robe. I knew exactly where I was, but still kept asking myself these questions: “Why now?” and “Where’s everyone else I know?” Had they not known what was going to happen? Was it my fault that they didn’t know that the only One who could save them now, died on a cross many years before, and was now waiting here for their return trip home? How many people had the train passed by?