Spiritual Alignment

Over the past several months, a number of pastors and even FCET writers have been using the terms “alignment” and “walking in the Spirit” in the context of their sermons, stories and bible lessons. At the same time, my wife and I have been participating in a workshop that deals with spiritual alignment. I find it interesting that God, in these times, often leads many of His children to preach on and study the same subject simultaneously. Galatians 5:16 says: This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Walking in the Spirit is synonymous with Spiritual alignment.

There are powerful tools that we, as Christians, can use on a daily basis to help us to walk in the Spirit but first we must have a better understanding of what the term “Spiritual alignment” actually means.

The workshop my wife and I are attending, Tim Davis’ “Cleansing Stream”, is an extremely simple, yet tremendously powerful concept that promotes spiritual growth. In fact, the concept is so powerful and has been so effective in the lives of my family members that I feel a burden to share it with everyone. So, thanks to Tim Davis, here’s Spiritual Alignment 101 for Engineers and Technologists.

The key components of a born again Christian are represented as three vertically aligned circles and are defined as the body or flesh (bottom circle), the soul (middle circle), and the regenerated spirit (top circle). It should be noted that the soul is composed of the mind, emotions, and will, or the three things that most often get us into trouble with God. The circle representing the spirit is located at the top of the stack, and is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ, (represented by a red arc over the circle).

Spiritual alignment is defined as the body or flesh being in total submission to the soul, the soul maintaining a position of submission to the spirit, and the spirit in a position of submission to God. Submission, in this sense, should be understood as “under the protection of.” When we are in “alignment”, the spirit remains on top, placing all three components under the protection of the blood of Christ. When the soul is in control, it moves to the top of the stack and the spirit is forced into submission. In this configuration, although the spirit and flesh remain under the protection of the blood of Christ, the soul is now exposed to Satan’s fiery darts and you’re walking in the flesh. Your actions are no longer under the control of the Holy Spirit’s will but are controlled by your emotions, your thoughts, and your will. In this alignment, the soul is easily attacked and subverted which prevents its healing and sanctification. Because the spirit is forced into submission, its growth is also stopped. For these reasons, it is critically important to maintain spiritual alignment at all times.

Here’s a simple prayer that I include every morning. It’s an excellent tool that will help you to maintaining spiritual alignment.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command my flesh to be in submission to my soul. In the name of Jesus, I command my soul to be in submission to my spirit and in the name of Jesus, I command my spirit to be in submission to the spirit of the living God. I further command my spirit to ignore and refuse any influence, power or authority from this world and to receive those things only from the living God. If my soul attempts to take control I ask you, Jesus, to tell me to “Line up”. In your precious and Holy name I pray. Amen.

Watch what happens when you pray that one!

The key to staying in spiritual alignment while trying to live in the world is to discover and remove any hooks that Satan has implanted in your soul that would allow him to control you. His main goal is to keep you out of alignment, with your soul in control. If you allow him to have hooks into your soul, all he has to do is yank on one and your soul pops to the top of the stack. In that condition, you can’t hear God, you have no anointing and you have been rendered ineffective in the Spiritual war against Satan. Hooks are things that come between you and the Lord. They can be homes, jobs, cars, toys, children, lust, sports or any other activities. They can also be people and relationships including your wife, children, friends or parents. Or they can be things of the self, including pride or refusing to relinquish control over one’s own life.

Please understand that there is nothing wrong with having “things” or relationships unless they are elevated in importance above God in your life. If your relationship with the Lord is based on possessions, friends, or fulfilling personal goals then you’re probably going to continue to have a rough time staying in alignment and growing spiritually. If you’re confident that you could lose all that you have tomorrow and still have a relationship with God, then you’re in great shape.

Things, relationships and self, when elevated above God, will enable Satan to easily knock you out of spiritual alignment. If you put your classic car ahead of God in your life, all Satan has to do is endanger it or cause something to happen to it and you’re instantly preoccupied and walking in the flesh. The same thing is true of your children. You love them and worry about them but you have to remember that they belong to God! Your relationship with the Lord should never be compromised because of a broken toy, or the illness of a child or a parent. “Things”, relationships, and self must be consecrated and pushed down in importance in your life. Only then will you grow spiritually and receive the anointing you need to do the Lord’s will. When you are in alignment and walking in the Spirit, you will feel a new power and authority and you will grow daily.