Straight From the Heart

A person accidentally wrote a letter and sent it to me via email, but I was not one of the intended recipients. I wrote back, saying,

“Hi, it would appear to me that you have the wrong person.”

The person then wrote me back, saying, “Sorry”.

I then decided to write the person the following response to their apology:

“No problem. By the way, if you get the chance, check out the following website: Hope that will be a blessing to you.”

The person then wrote me back, writing,

“As much as I appreciate your religious convictions, I do not think that the work place is the appropriate forum to discuss these issues. Thank you and Tschuss, (person’s name)”

Then, I responded by writing,

“I’m sorry. No offense was intended. (By the way, what does ‘Tschuss’ mean?)”

The person then responded by writing,

“In some region of Germany the French language was considered trendy/classy. The so called “in crowd” were speaking French. So people used a lot of French expressions. For example they used: “A Dieu” which means “Good Bye” or “To God” or “Te Deum” in Latin. But of course there was the German accent to consider. “A Tschius” was pronouced instead of “A Dieu”, which then was shortened to “Tschuss”. So….. Tschuss, (person’s name)”

Now how fascinating that is that the person who said I should keep my religious convictions to myself freely expressed hers! So I responded by writing,

“Thanks for your response. That is interesting. May God bless you, too. This, in fact, was the original intent of my recommending to you the FCET website. Simply that God would bless you!”

Now do you think she got the message!? I’m not sure. But if you’re so led … please feel free to recommend the FCET website to your friends.

God bless you today, and always!