Sudden Move of God’s Spirit, Part II

The next day after the “big event” of God’s outpouring of His Spirit in my life (that day was March 7, 1991, see part I), I headed down to Guelph, Ontario, to attend a conference on spiritual warfare. By this time, I was “buzzing” and “humming” with demonic “powers” still tangibly showing themselves present in my life. I could hear them “laughing” through me, and “mocking,” especially. This, in fact, had been the trademark of my own dad, while growing up. He was a mocker, and a scorner. While I wasn’t yet totally free (and am still not), yet God’s great move had begun in my life. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time — for six years, at least, since I became a Christian.

To say that a Christian cannot be either affected or indwelt by a demon, of course, is sheer folly. The ones who say that simply don’t know anything about what they are so confidently talking about. Little do they realize (though they consider themselves scholarly) that Jesus Himself, the sinless Son of God, entered into a sin-filled, demon-filled (as is evident in the gospels) world. Not all the demons left just because He came! So, too, it is with us as Christians. Not all the demons, or evil powers, or evil influences, will necessarily “just get up and go” when Jesus, the Son of God, comes to live in us by His Holy Spirit. When He came, did He fill our whole heart? Did we yield to Him completely, unreservedly, when He came in to live in us by the power of His Holy Spirit? Can we say that we are totally set free from fear? If so, of course, then we have no problems. But if not, do not be surprise if a “devil or two” is lurking somewhere in the background. After all, fear is exactly what gives them the stronghold in your life.

Our degree of “yieldedness” to God’s Spirit is an important issue. We must be willing to let God “take over” those many different and varied “compartments” of our hearts. And there are many! How could anyone say that they are totally clean just because they are a Christian? I don’t know! This, of course, brings up the whole topic of our position and rightful standing before God. Listen up. It is very true that, if you are a Christian, God has forgiven you for your sins. That is your “positional” standing before your Creator. The blood of Jesus Christ has covered you — positionally, that is. However, on a practical “here and now” level, if you walk in sin, or if there are any “sinful ways” about you — even if it’s a little bit of bitterness “here and there” — then God charges that against you, and you are not “covered” or “cleansed” by Jesus’ blood in the sense of being able to have close fellowship with God. Because you are not close to Him, demons can enter in and affect you. Is this not what the verse means? “If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.” (1 John 1:6-7). Notice, the blood only cleanses us — and this verse is written to Christians, not non-Christians — if we continually “walk in the light.” This is essential.

Are you walking in the light? To what extent has the devil gained a “foothold” in your life? It is not unreasonable to assume that if you once lived a terrible life of sin, whether that be bitterness or unrighteous anger, or a bad temper (etc.), or whatever has grieved the Holy Spirit’s ability to work in your life in the past, that the devil (by this I mean one or more of his demons) may have “entered in” to cause a lot of problems. Just because you became a Christian once (“made a decision for Christ”) is no reason to assume that you are now “totally set free” from all evil influences! The greater the foothold that the devil gained, the greater may be your need to have God’s strong hand “kick out” that devil from your life. Make sure you are in steady fellowship with Him, and His people! And find a place where you can fellowship at least once a week (doesn’t have to be Sunday mornings, per se) where the people there believe in these things!