Sudden Move of God’s Spirit, Part III

Some of you have read some of the personal testimonies I have sent out concerning how God has moved in my life (see Sudden Move of God’s Spirit, Part I, and Sudden Move of God’s Spirit, Part II, below). At this time, I feel God leading me to share with you a particularily moving experience that I had just a few short days after moving up to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, on March 31, 1991 (this basically follows parts I and II, hence, the name of this selection).

At that time, my body was filled with arthritis, and I was desperately searching for answers. That is why I chose to move. I had visited my own local church in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the hopes of finding an answer — and I knew there was an answer — but all they could say to me was, “Well, make sure to take your pills and do what the doctor said.” I remember how my mother and father explained to me how the doctors wanted to cut off one of my father’s legs when he was but a boy, to cure “some problem.” His mother denied the doctors the request and both of my father’s legs worked fine until the day he died at the age of 73. Doctors are not always right.

King Asa had a disease, but it says he did not seek the Lord, but only the physicians (see 2 Chronicles 16:12). Good physicians are wonderful people who help others. Nevertheless, if we ONLY consult the physicians, and not the Lord, we may indeed be missing out on something great. In my own case, for example, the doctors could not help me because they did not understand that there were spiritual roots behind the disease that I — past tense — had.

That great preacher, Martin Lloyd-Jones believed that most physiological problems had their roots in spiritual problems. That is why he left his high ranking job as assistant physician to the Queen of England in order to become one of this world’s finest preachers, because he figured he could truly address the physical needs of the people that way.

Virtually within a few days of moving up to Cambridge, I was graciously led to attend a conference dealing with the subject of dreams. The speaker was a certain Mark Virkler, an entirely humorous man, to be sure, who knows how to entertain a crowd. He discussed dreams at length, and the distinct feeling I had upon leaving that conference was, “I have believed in God giving dreams before, but I really must take this more seriously.” So I sincerely prayed to God, “Lord, if you give me a dream, I will take it more seriously than I have done in the past.” In fact, I think I said, “If you give me a dream, I’ll take it seriously,” indicating that I had really not taken dreams that seriously before.

Prophetic Dream

Within about 24 hours of saying that prayer, I experienced this incredible, prophetic dream of myself judging some work that the neighbors were all doing on one of our neighbor’s roof tops. I was standing in jugdment of these people, not wanting to associate with them. After they had finished, I found myself on that very roof top again jugding and criticizing the work which they had done. All of a sudden, as I was attempting to “point out one more flaw,” I slipped and began to fall off the roof! In this, God was showing me what it was that had allowed the devil to come in and begin ravaging my body with that horrible disease. It was judgment. Judgment, too, prevented me from receiving dreams from God — had it not been for the grace of God in attending that conference and somehow being “open” (through suffering, I must say) to even go there. As I was beginning to fall off the roof, I suddenly noticed a plastic-like sheet which was covering the whole roof. I grabbed on to this covering to help prevent me from falling, but to no avail. The sheet tore and I kept falling.

When I woke up from that dream, I wept not in a bitter way, but in a wonderful way before the Lord for half an hour under the strong presence of God’s Spirit — the presence of God was that strong. That is not all. As I was falling from the roof of that house, all of a sudden, I turned into a baby of about 1 year old. Later, after the baby had “landed” on the ground, all of a sudden there were many people who came around (to help me). When I looked up, again, I saw a baby sitting in a baby’s chair, and, as I looked, I believe I saw something hovering around the baby, near the baby’s face, like a distinct small black cloud — I believe the Lord was signifying a demonic presence (of criticism) which has affected me since I have been a very small child (a baby, in fact). In life, as I have grown up, and especially since becoming a Christian, it has become clear to me that my father himself has been demonized, and I am sure that this has been passed on to other family members.

So, you see, what God can do with just one prayer. “Lord, if you give me a dream, I will take it seriously.” God chose to answer that dream by revealing to me “the secrets of my heart” for the purpose of bringing me closer to him and helping me overcome my disease of arthritis, which has caused both me, and many family members, untold suffering. You see, my father has suffered from this disease for over 50 years and my sister, as well. My dad’s two sisters — same thing. That same evil spirit has swept through our entire family, and it is, my friend, a spirit. Curses come through things like this, not just the disease, but other forms of suffering. Both of my dad’s sisters never bore a child, one directly related to having the disease. My own sister has had four operations on her body to replace joints and can barely walk. She finds it difficult to forgive my father for passing on to her the same types of things that his own dad passed on to him.

The Need to Forgive

Maybe a curse has fallen on your family, due to the same types of things. God wants to redeem you, and your entire family. It all starts with forgiveness. I am not perfect (yet!), but I am getting there. Say the words out loud, “I forgive _________ (my father, mother, uncle, aunt, John, Jill, etc.) for _________ (being unkind to me, betraying me, raping me, beating me, lying to me, robbing me of my childhood, etc.). Keep saying it until you find the release — there is release. Keep a positive, upward (heavenly) focus in the midst of this, not an inward one. Jesus paid the price of your sins. Model him by forgiving others. Possibly, you need to spend some deep times of praying just sharing your feelings and “unloading” all of that stuff onto Jesus’s shoulders. He’ll take it. Also, keep in good fellowship with your friends. If there is anyone you hate right now, maybe it’s a good idea to give that person a call and let them know that you love them. That could very well be the start of a healing for you.

Concerning prophecy, I leave you with a final word. Whether it relates to the past or the future, if it is “revelation knowledge,” (knowledge which comes from God), I think it is still fair to call it prophecy. One of the reasons God even gives prophecy, according to Scripture, is so that our hearts will be revealed. “And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth” (1 Corinthians 14:25). So don’t despise prophecy. Many have — fearing what “might happen” if the prophecy, or revelation, or word of knowledge, was incorrect. Yet, these same people, because of their fear, have missed out on a great many blessings in their own lives — perhaps even their own healing and the healing of their family members. My advice is, “better to put your foot in the water and get wet and maybe a little muddy at times, than to have stayed out of the water entirely.” As for me, if I see something wrong in a fellowship, I am not like I used to be. I can tolerate a great deal of “imperfection” in the saints, my friends. For I, too, am imperfect. But I just love it when, because of my patience and willingness to learn, that God brings along the great blessings in my life that I have described above. Get involved!

Edited: Dec 21, 2012