Suppose, just hypothetically, that you are an infinitely powerful god. Suppose you have the power to create the entire universe, in all of its complexity, and to see in minute detail the consequences of your actions. You then choose one special planet made specifically for one special creature. A creature not controlled by instincts but by free will. A creature capable of deciding whether or not to love his maker enough to obey him. A creature occupying a very special place in the maker’s heart. In fact, everything else in the entire universe was for the appreciation of this creature.

Suppose that this creature was mankind and this universe is our universe. Suppose that mankind spits in your face and rejects you. Since you are god you cannot tolerate the presence of that which is now imperfect (mankind), so out of mercy you decide to curse all of creation so that imperfect man was not surrounded by perfection (an intolerable situation). You sentence mankind to a physical death so that he will not live for eternity separated from you. However, this does not solve the problem, you still love these people and they still cannot live in your presence because they have rejected you. But you have a plan.

You begin to teach man the eternal laws with which you built the universe. Not only physical laws, but moral laws such as, “murder is wrong”, “worship only god”, and “love your neighbor”. And the results? Cain kills his brother Abel, men worship idols, and violence spreads across the earth. Finally, in exasperation, you demonstrate how much you hate sin. You destroy the entire earth with a worldwide flood. The earth is filled with sediment clogged with the carcasses of the creatures you had created. Over time the sediment hardens into rock filled with fossilized bones from the perfect world you had created. The layers of stone, sometimes miles deep, stand as a timeless silent testimony to the consequences of sin. But in mercy, you preserved one family, because you have a plan.

Suppose that before the mud had dried, it starts all over again. Instead of refilling the earth as you told mankind to do, they chose to stay in one place and start a monument to their own glory. Before they can complete their monument and turn to pagan worship, you confuse their languages so they are forced to spread across the globe. Now you begin to select one special group of people for one very special purpose.

Suppose you select one man and reveal a small part of your plan to him. Your plan will span thousands of years and involve millions of people. It is a plan which could not be implemented by anyone but the creator of the universe. You promise to make a great nation of this man named Abraham and to bless the entire world through him. In spite of his repeated failures you do not reject him but patiently continue to train him. Finally you test his obedience by asking this father to kill his son … his only beloved son … on a lonely hillside. You start to lay a pattern for something to come.

To Be Continued