Recently our Pastor preached a sermon that has started to change a lot of lives in our church, including mine. This is a brief synopsis of what he said, including the analogy that he used to illustrate his point.

Imagine that you have thought about purchasing a new car. You go to the dealership and look over the inventory. As you walk around, you find one that is just perfect. It is exactly the car that you have dreamed of and you are very excited about finding it, so you go inside and begin the process of negotiating the price and closing the deal.

Your credit check comes back OK, you have negotiated the purchase price and the contract has been signed. You are ecstatic! The salesman hands you a copy of the contract and the loan agreement, shakes your hand and thanks you for purchasing the vehicle, then quickly stands up, walking away.

You are confused and say, “But where are the keys to the car?” He answers, “Oh, don’t worry, the car will be titled to you, it is your car, you own it.” Waving the contract in the air, you answer, “But I expect possession of the car, it is mine. I paid for it and I want to drive it.” He says again, “Don’t worry, the car is yours, but we will keep it for you. The car’s title will be issued in your name.”

Just like the car in this story, you too have been purchased with a price. 1 Corinthians 6:20 says, “For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit which are God’s.” When we accept what Christ has done for us, and the salvation He offers, we also sign a contract that gives Him possession of our lives.

As unrealistic as the example may be, from the worldly perspective, in reality we act in the same, exact manner with Christ. We say we are His yet we continue to make all of the decisions and run our own lives. We decide how much of our time we will spend in the way we wish to spend it and how much we will give to Him. And what we give to Him is always too little. We do things with His property and mistreat it in ways that He never would Himself.

Are you just like the car dealer in the story, guilty of keeping and misusing what Christ has already purchased and now owns? If you are, surrender the property to its rightful owner.