Ten Minutes of Learning

The experience I am about to relay to you is quite unusual, indeed. But on a particular morning, I got into work, and attempted to sit down at my chair. When I did so, however, there was a distinct grieving in my spirit to the point of almost feeling like I was going to be sick.

I stood up and returned to the place where I formerly was, and the feeling disappeared completely. Hum… I wondered, what was going on? I returned to my chair and sat down again. And, sure enough, the strange feeling came upon me one more time! So I stood up again and returned to my former spot. And once again, everything cleared up and I felt absolutely wonderful.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is going on?” to which the Lord spoke to me in my spirit, very clearly, that he was training me and wanted me to do EXACTLY what he said and not to move too quickly. So, there I was, standing beside my chair (rather than sitting in it) simply waiting for the Lord to give me further instructions. Ah, now THAT felt peaceful! A true PEACE from God that was brought on by my obedience!

This entire “charade” (not in the sense of being a deception but in the sense of being a brain twister, which is another meaning for charade) lasted about 10 minutes in all. That was it. Just ten short minutes. Ten minutes of listening to what God had to say to me. Then I was released to go on my business as normal. No more “micro-management” of my every move!

The message was clear. DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO. If I DID what God told me to do, he gave me peace. If I did NOT do what he told me to do, my spirit was grieved. That should not sound too surprising, if you are a Christian! The only thing is that, generally, we apply these things on a much larger scale, meaning, “in general, if I do what God tells me to do, then I’ll have peace in my life.” But in this case, it was a SPECIFIC LESSON to be learned in an approximate 10-minute time span. It was an INTENSE, QUICK, and TO-THE-POINT lesson!

Why did God even present me with this lesson at this point in time? Did I not know this already? Actually, I did! But, ah, well, I needed to be reminded of it! For within two weeks, I would be signing a new full-time job contract. But in order for me to sign that contract in the WAY that God wanted me to do it, I had to listen to him VERY CAREFULLY AND DO JUST EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID. That was the point! So when it came time for me to sign the contract, I remembered back to my experience two weeks prior with the lesson. WAIT on God, and do what HE says!

God always has reasons for what he does, when he does it. I actually did not “catch on” at that time as to WHY God was doing this, only that he had done it! NOW I know what he was preparing me for – he was preparing me to sign that contract that I just signed, thank the Lord! All is very clear now, looking back. But at the time, you would have thought me kind of strange, indeed, seeing me sitting down and standing up the way I was! Thank God he makes everything beautiful in HIS time! There may be some things that you are going through today that you just can’t figure out! But LATER it will make PERFECT SENSE! So TRUST HIM!

God bless you today and have a wonderful, God-filled, day. And remember, do whatever he says! 🙂