Tested Faith

Let’s open with prayer.

Lord I thank you for my salvation and I thank you for redeeming me. I thank you for giving me the authority to overcome all the power of the enemy. I thank you for the mighty truth that you have given me in your word. Father I ask you to show me the things that are between us that keep me from being the child you intended me to be. And I thank you for your deliverance and the discipline that you have given me to overcome them. Father I ask you to show me the way to becoming a mighty warrior and I volunteer now to be your faithful servant. I thank you in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

There’s not enough prayer in the Church today. Excluding the churches that are in renewal or revival, the number of Christians that pray fervently, on a consistent basis, is pitifully low. If we exclude churches where the Spirit is moving, the remaining church population would probably be approaching some number near zero. So I pray that Pastors, would make their church sanctuaries available and encourage serious prayer in the morning, evening and during lunch hour. I have seen prayer banners help warriors to stay focussed on salvation, revival, and other areas of concern so they are important too.

Prayer, along with momentum, are the critical components of the ‘Engine’ of revival. How many Christians in the typical church actually participate in the laying on of hands for healing or resolution of a situation? Most likely, it is only a few. I know it sounds implausible but the other people, who don’t participate, are often afraid. They are afraid that the subject of their prayer might not be healed or that the situation might not be rectified. Then they will be faced with the need to consider why. Some might have a Pastor that says ‘God works in mysterious ways, we can’t know His will. He might have a reason for the person dying that we don’t understand.’ It’s sad to see these Pastors teaching what I call the Doctrine of limited expectation because it gives weak Christians an excuse to sit back and never become spiritually active. If you’re constantly told that you can’t expect results from your prayer then you inevitably start to believe it. If you can’t expect results, why bother in the first place? Satan is just loving it, folks! If, on the other hand, you’re taught that you should expect results then you’re stimulated to grow and exercise spiritually when you don’t get them.

In John 14:13 Jesus tells us ‘And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.’ He didn’t say ‘Except when the Father is working in mysterious ways.’ Nor did He say ‘Some of the time.’ In Matthew 17:20b we are told ‘Nothing will be impossible for you.’ That’s easily understood. We don’t need a scholar to explain what ‘nothing’ means. We have no choice but to accept the fact that, with few exceptions, the problem really lies in us.

Many fathers, like to imagine that they’re physically capable of keeping up with their teenage sons. They like to think they can outrun them or keep up with them in a basketball game or other activity. But they never actually compete against their sons because they don’t want to confront the reality of the situation. And the reality of the situation is that they can’t. As long as they don’t actually try, they can comfortably imagine that they still can. In the same way, many Christians can imagine that they have faith when, in reality, they do not. Praying for someone else creates the same reality risk as a father getting physical with his son. When it’s all over, you will have to assess your success. You will have to look at yourself and your capabilities in the mirror in the morning.

I see a large crowd, with their toes cautiously inched up against an imaginary line that represents tested faith. They lean forward imagining that they can perform miracles, heal the sick, cast out demons and do the Lord’s work with power and authority. But they can’t! And they don’t know that they can’t because they haven’t ever tried. And they haven’t tried because, in their hearts, they REALLY DON’T BELIEVE THEY CAN DO IT.

In a technical sense, faith is like a coil of wire that is suspended in a strong magnetic field (the Holy Spirit). Nothing happens until there’s MOTION. It’s only when you move the coil in the field that energy is created. In a like manner, we need to start moving in our faith so we can produce. Most Christians are totally motionless in their spiritual lives, producing no energy and no fruit.

It is only when you’ve finally tested your faith and nothing happens that you’ll realize that it’s not as strong as you thought. Maybe you’ll realize you only have a few turns of wire on your coil and that you need to be reading the word every single day and praying every day too.

The lost are far away from the Lord, engrossed in worldly activities and pleasures. The only thing that’s going to get their attention in the last days is a Church that’s 100% healthy and filled with God’s glory. Miracle healing of incurable diseases, limbs being created or restored and the dead being raised beats big screen TV and the Dallas Cowboys any day. No Christian doubts that Jesus is coming back, and SOON. So I challenge you to test your faith. If it isn’t up to your imagination, start working in it. Time is short.