There was a young man whose life started out a bit rough. At the age of two his father passed away from cancer. At the age of six his mother remarried. It was not long before the abuse started. No matter how hard he tried to please his new dad, he just could not seem to.

Ashamed of what his stepfather was doing to him, he kept his secret quiet from his mother. The mother was also being physically abused, but she held her marriage vow (for better or worse) dear to her heart. She was a Christian, and this was a vow made before God.

The mother kept attending church and taking her son with her. At thirteen years of age he accepted Jesus as his Savior. He knew with such a loving and caring Father in heaven his life was surely going to change for the better. There was no change. Instead, the abuse continued as before. This hardened the son’s heart to God. He did not want anything to do with religion, or with God. He believed he was smart enough, and strong enough, to handle anything the world could toss his way. This continued for many years, living life the way he wanted to, doing what he wanted to.

By now the son is grown, married and has started a family. The one thing in life that has any importance to him is his family. The son’s career has him doing some traveling. Upon arrival at the hotel, the first thing he does is to find the Holy Bible left by the Gideon’s and toss it behind the dresser or other furniture. He does not want anything to do with God.

Then his career takes him from his family, far away, and for an extended period of time. One evening, in a moment of despair, he cried out to God, “God if you will get me back home, I will start going back to church.” Well, God obviously has plans for this son, because he took him up on his offer. Within a week the son was on a plane home to stay.

Being a man of his word, the very next Sunday he was in church. Now the son did not want to get too close, so he sat in the back of the balcony. But did you know that the Holy Spirit can reach even to the most far reaches of the balcony? His heart was touched!

Today that son has served as a Gideon distributing God’s Holy Word to schools, jails, military personnel, police, fire fighters, and anyone who would accept a copy of the precious word. He has spoken in churches, taught Sunday school and other functions that he has felt led by the Lord to serve in.

Today that son writes this testimony.

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.”