The Announcement

“Stop fluttering your wings,” one angel said to the other. “You Know Who will be here any minute.”

“What’s the matter?” the asked. “Afraid the breeze will make your halo crooked?”

He reached up to touch the glowing circle and shot the first a less than angelic look.

A third spoke. “The Lord God isn’t going to care how you look,” he said, with exaggerated sweetness. “He’s going to pick an angel without an attitude.”

A fourth chuckled. “Let’s you out, doesn’t it?” To which the first two elbowed each other and snickered.

A cough drew their attention to the left, where Gabriel stood with arms folded, the archangel Michael beside him.

The first angel went toward them. “Who do you think He’s going to send this time, Gabe? Michael went to Daniel, and you told Zacharias about the birth of John and then Mary about Jesus. Who’s going to tell the shepherds? I could do it, Gabe, I know I could!”

“It’s not up to us,” the archangel interrupted. “Jesus is the Lord God’s own Son. It’s up to Him.”

“Any of us would be honored to go,” Gabriel agreed. “Jesus has been away for nine months, and we all miss Him.”

“I wish the Lord God would send me,” said the first angel, with a tear in his eye. “I miss Him most of all.”

“So do I,” the heavenly chorus agreed sadly.

“Well,” Michael told them, “I imagine the announcement will come soon. Mary is in labor, and her guardian angel says it’s almost time.”

Brilliant light flooded the place where they stood, and with one accord, the host bowed in worship. The Lord God held out a hand. They could feel His warm smile.

“Come here,” He said, spreading His arms. “I have news for you.”

All the angels lifted their eyes and moved closer, eager to hear.

“It is time for the Son of God to become the Son of Man. Jesus is being born. And you, my heavenly messenger,” He gestured to Michael, “may tell the shepherds about His birth. You will tell them where to find Him.”

The angels looked around at one another, each with the same thought: I wish I could go!

The Lord God laughed, and looked out over the assembled host. “All of you may join him!”

“All of us?”

The could hardly believe it possible. Shouts of “Glory!” and “Hosanna!” shook Heaven as they hurried to Earth to do His will.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

The announcement had been made. Prophecy had been fulfilled. Jesus was born.