The Architecture of a Human Being, Part III

(This is the third in a three-part series on the subject of “The Architecture of a Human Being,” By James R. Fergusson.)

The Bible also tells us that spiritual life is indeed available to us. It says that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). Through this Word of God, everything in the universe was created. At a certain point in history, the Word chose to be conceived by the Power of God and born as a human being. This man, Jesus Christ, was not spiritually dead – He was not separated from God’s presence, and He did no bad things. He did not experience sin and He did not commit sin – He lived a sinless life. “Architecturally”, He was a complete human being.

The Bible records how Jesus gave up His life voluntarily and was put to death by those who opposed Him. As He was dying physically, He also experienced spiritual death, shouting “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” (Mark 15: 34). However, there were many witnesses who subsequently saw Him alive in a resurrected body. Because Jesus passed through physical and spiritual death voluntarily, without deserving in any way to do so, He gained power over them. This power allows Him to forgive the sins (wrong things) we have done and cancel the sin (separation from God) that they entail.

By asking Him for this forgiveness and cancellation, our spiritual deadness can be overcome. By surrendering the direction of our lives to Him at the same time, our new spiritual life can also be maintained. We can experience the presence of God, be free to follow a clear conscience, and live life fully on an intuitive level. This extremely wonderful experience, full of joy and peace, leads to a way of living that contributes greatly to the health of both our bodies and our souls – physical, intellectual, emotional, and volitional health. “Architecturally”, we too become whole.

This does not mean our lives become problem-free, or that we never again do anything wrong. However, it does mean we have inner peace (at the centre of our beings), the ability to rise above the problems that do come our way, increasing power to recognize and avoid doing wrong things, and an avenue for seeking and receiving further forgiveness if we do fail to do right. Finally, it means that we can be free of the fear of physical death. Our spiritual life allows us to know intuitively that not only will our souls continue to live on after our physical deaths, but that we too will thereafter receive resurrected bodies, just as the Bible promises and as Jesus did.