The Burden

A year or so ago, I was driving in my car and feeling the weight of a spiritual burden bearing down upon me. Now you may or may not know what I mean by “spiritual burden” but what I mean is that I was carrying something of a matter of plain old “concern” about something, and I really needed to share that. Quite honestly, I don’t remember what it was, exactly, that I was holding on to. But I do remember what happened when I went to pick up the children for the morning drive to school that day.

As I approached the house, and feeling weighed down by this burden, I stopped to pick up the two children, and then said something like this to the person who was there, “Please pray for me. I’m feeling quite bad.”

Bang! All of a sudden, the weight that had been weighing me down was lifted! I mean … immediately! It was just as though you turned on a light switch at that very moment of sharing. Just prior, I was feeling a tremendous weight in my spirit, a real “down” feeling, a real heaviness. Then, just afterwards — within a second or two — bang! It was all gone … and it didn’t return, either.

One might be inclined to ask, “What happened (from a spiritual perspective)? Well, I think it goes something like this. First, the person that I asked to please pray for me was a Christian. Second, the Bible says that Christians are the “body” of Christ. When we share our burdens with someone who loves Christ and is intimately ‘connected’ with Christ, it can be ‘as though’ we are sharing that burden with Christ himself. In a way, we are doing that — but of course, there is a lot to consider here, motives and whatnot.

At any rate, I am convinced that what happened was a genuine case of ‘casting your burdens onto the Lord’ which the Bible talks about. In this case, it was done ‘vicariously’, so to speak. That is, it was done ‘via’ one of his servants.

Today, if you are feeling the weight of a burden, could it be that the Lord is leading you to share that with someone who can pray for you? Feel free to go directly to the Lord in prayer, because that is Scriptural. But don’t forget that, as Christians, we are his body! By sharing your burden with Christ’s ‘ears’ (a Christian friend of yours), you may be blessing that person and giving him or her a chance to pray for you which may bring blessing to both him/her and yourself.

Sometimes, if you’re fortunate, you may even get the opportunity to see your burden lifted ‘immediately’ like I did that day, even before the person has had a chance to pray for you! Don’t under-estimate the power of sharing your spiritual or emotional burden with another caring person. Try it, and see what happens!