The Coming Tribulation (Important Warnings and Videos)

Dear Friends,

I have compiled some videos below. Please watch them. They are all about the coming tribulation.

There are 10 different people who are speaking in the following links. However, there is just one message. Some are shorter, and some are longer, but all are well worth listening to.

I make no predictions concerning dates. However, because we have now finished 2014 and are about to enter into 2015, and we have already experienced 2 out of 4 blood moons in this special blood moon cycle (not to be repeated for another 550 years), and for yet other reasons, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with what it being said in these videos.

These videos have some amazing things to share!

From George Washington, to Jonathan Cahn, to David Wilkerson, and even an unknown woman whose daughter had an amazing dream, they are saying that judgment is coming. However, do all these people prophesy and speak of the exact same events? Possibly not. What is revealed by these people may span many years. Please examine this information carefully. In my opinion, the events do span years in some cases.

September 2014 to September 2015 is the Jewish year of the Shmita, a prophetic year of significance. To find out what that means, watch the videos! I put Pastor Levy‘s Prophetic Warning first below, because it is riveting.

Listen to all the voices and compare them. When God speaks, He is united among His people. The message will have a consistency to it. I believe a consistency can be found in the following links. Please, do watch all of these and take notes. Give me your notes if you want, and I can compile them. For example, if you make quotes of the speakers, I would like to assemble them so others can easily read the quotes.

Be in prayer. Be holy!


(1) Pastor Levy’s Prophetic Warning Part 1

(2) Pastor Levy’s Prophetic Warning Part 2

(3) Henry Gruver I Saw SUBS Attack America
Want to save time?

(4) America Will Burn – Wake Up America II – Dumitru Duduman
Want to save time?

(5) America’s Rise and Fall — Jonathan Cahn on Sid Roth

(6) David Wilkerson — The Vision

(7) Russia will invade America — Sundar Selvaraj

(8) Maurice Sklar’s Dream of America’s Future

(9) George Washington’s Prophecy of the Coming Invasion of America

(10) My Daughter’s 2014 End Time Dream

(11) The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist

(12) The Isaiah 19 Harbinger and the Final Exodus
This is also Pastor Levy speaking. This is a good wrap up, in my opinion.

There are many other speakers and sources I have not mentioned here. If you know of others, and you think they are worth listening to, let me know. I will assemble them all into a bigger list.

Have you seen these videos?:
The Victor Marx Story:
Genius, the Movie:
Underwater footage from Fiji:
Have you heard of the 2014-15 blood moons?