The Computer Cables

Recently, I was looking for computer cables, and the Lord kept speaking the word “defeat” into my spirit. I could not really figure out why the Lord was saying this, so I kept pursuing a cheaper and cheaper cable, to “save money”. God, though, had a spiritual objective in store, for a year earlier, I had prayed to start our son on some “electronic projects” to help him be creative. Now that is also how I first “started out” in terms of becoming an engineer. For when I was a little boy, about the same age as my son, I would build these numerous projects, frequently. It was right in line with God’s will for my life, for I eventually became an engineer.

It was now 30 years later, and God was saying, “Don’t buy these cables at this store … or that store … or even at that store!” Did God care about the price of cables? No! But did I really know what God was up to? No, again! So all I could think of was, “Well, I’ll have to find them cheaper still!” It still had not dawned on me that God just might have “more than the cables” in mind!

Eventually, I was about a mile or two away from God’s intended “target” — that is, the store that I would purchase both the cables, as well as the electronic project at — when clearly, the word came to me (as though a veil was suddenly lifted in the spirit realm), “I need a store that SPECIALIZES in cables like this!!!” Bammmmmmm! It hit me! Go to a certain store! Now this store is very similar to one of the stores back in Montreal that I used to visit years ago when I purchased electronics parts in order to build my own projects with.

What was God doing here? God was leading me through a simple thing as purchasing computer cables, in order to ‘get me’ to purchase an electronic project for my son. Yes, God is far more interested in helping us to bless others, than he is in helping us to save money (a terrible end in and of itself, to be honest). Well, if not at the start, at least I “got it” in the end!

Today, may God use “whatever it takes” to get you to “fall in line” with his will for your lives. Whether that be a desire for a hamburger … that leads you to the cafeteria, in order to share the gospel with a needy soul … or a need to get your car battery fixed, so at that same store you can purchase a much needed item for your family that will serve to help them in God’s will for their lives … may you, and your family, and those that you work with, and even the person you meet at the grocery store, be blessed because of it!

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13)