The Day the Chain Was Broken

I’d like to recount for you an incident which I believe demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that God is actively involved in the affairs of mankind today. I hope that by recounting it to you, it will provide you encouragement and determination to pursue God more closely, and to have faith in him that he really is interested in your situation.

Many years ago, a Christian friend of mine came over for dinner. At the end of the dinner, he told me about someone he knew — a girl who was the daughter of a Christian leader — who had gotten herself involved with a member of a biker gang. She was in deep trouble and now involved with drugs. She was also ‘hitched up’ with this man from the gang and was living with him. It is a very scary situation for any father or parent to experience, not to mention a Christian leader.

Her father had shared this information so that people could pray for her. I want to encourage you as I share this because of the great power that I experienced when going to prayer for this woman. This woman had been involved with this man for a lengthy period of time — about a year, from what I remember. The level of bondage that she had gotten herself into was, at this point in time, quite deep. She was not willing, perhaps through fear or some other reason, to simply ‘walk away’ from this man, though her life, of course, was hell.

You may or may not know that I believe in prophetic giftings, and that God does really speak today via dreams and visions. Well, as I bowed my head in prayer with this man, a wonderful thing happened. And I submit to you that this is God’s regular method of operating, if we will but listen to him and wait for him to speak! He is very interested in healing and restoring broken lives, so it should not be any surprise that God did what he was about to do, by showing me a vision just as soon as we began to pray.

Immediately, I remember seeing a chain. The chain was very clear and I want to tell you — for those of you who think that they have never experienced a vision before just what exactly this chain looked like, so that perhaps if you also saw it in a vision, you might be able to recognize it as being from God. The chain, or whatever it is that God is giving you in a vision, is very briefly super-imposed on the ‘backdrop’ of your mind for a flash of time — who knows, perhaps it is a 50th of a second. At any rate, you clearly see it, and I have found that the more you ‘tune’ yourself in, the easier it is to see these things.

Now chains generally mean bondage, and so I prayed that the bondage between this girl and this man would be broken! Because we are emotional beings, I engaged my emotions a little. “Lord …. let it be … BROKEN!” The prayer went on a bit, and since it was many years ago, I can’t quite remember exactly what I prayed, but I’m sure that whatever I prayed was consistent with the Bible and with God’s desire to see this woman released from bondage. Often, I have found, God really ‘meets’ us on a personal level at times like this. Essentially, I prayed, “Lord, let this man have no more hold on her life! Break every hold and every desire that this woman has for this man. And separate them!”

After this, I remember seeing a person — evidently the woman whom we were praying for — surrounded by a group of people. Now this I took to mean that God wanted me to pray that this woman would be surrounded by friends of hers and God’s people who could encourage and support her in her time of need. Again, like the first vision, this was a very very clear vision — unmistakable. Note that this vision came after the prayer concerning breaking the chain (bondage) in this woman’s life. It only made sense that after a person had bondage broken in their life, that they should be provided with a support base, which of course involves people. That, of course, is very much like the church is supposed to operate. We are not meant to operate in a vacuum, but to help one another.

In John 13:34, we read Jesus’s teaching, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” Are we loving like we should? This is something we all need to consider. Again, we read in 1 Peter 1:22, “Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently.” In 1 John 4:8, we read that “God is love.” It only made sense to me that what God was showing me was that this woman needed to be surrounded by love. That was what all the people were about. Well, I prayed the prayer, and I suppose it was about ten or fifteen minutes that we prayed in all, and then it was done.

Now what do I mean by “done”? Well, I mean that I tangibly sensed that what the Lord had wanted to accomplish through that prayer time was complete. It was done. There was no more prayer that was needed at that point (by me, at least, at that point in time). To have gone on at that point would have been ignoring what God was saying. It would, in fact, have been wasting his time, for God had other things to attend to through his servants, and this was but “one” of the “many things” that needed attending to.

Now having prayed that prayer and having listened to God, one might wonder, “What happened?” I am glad to say that within two weeks, God orchestrated the events such that this woman was freed from her bondage to this man (the chain was broken!) and she was admitted to a detoxification center where she could receive care for her drug addiction problem (hence surrounded by many loving people).

Praise the Lord! He does answer the prayers of his people! On our part, we just have to do the listening, as he speaks to us through dreams and visions and whatnot. Listening, and doing only what God wants us to do is *so* important, in fact, that Jesus said, “The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.” (John 5:19b)

Are we doing what the Father is showing us? Whose will is it, anyway, that we are following? I personally believe that if we just listened to the Father more, and paid more attention to doing His will and His will alone, that we would see many more great miracles, and healings, and deliverances, taking place.

May God bless you as you consider these things today!