The Father’s Lap

February 18, 1996

“Come to Me My little children. I “delight” in each one of you. I want you to climb up onto My lap. Yes, all of you! My “lap” is big enough for all of you! My “love” is big enough for all of you! I want ALL of you to come. NO ONE shall be left out. Come.”

“I want to tell you a “story”. It is a “story” of My love for you. I want to touch each one of you in a “personal” way. I want you to know that My love knows no limits. My “lap” knows no limits. It expands to fit each person – there is none “too big” or “too small” in My eyes. And yes, I have perfect eyesight! My vision is NOT BLURRED – like yours. I see each one of you in the full “glory” that My Son has won for you!”

“Do not fear that there will not be room for you – in My embrace. For I embrace you all; you are all “My little children”. Come and take your rightful place upon My lap. I am your Father. Receive My love. Do not run from it. Receive My love as a small child gleefully runs to his father’s open arms. Just receive.”

“I am waiting, children. And I will not move until My “lap” is full and all My lambs are accounted for.”