The Flower (A Mother’s Day Poem)

The following is probably not your typical poem that you might see inscribed on some mother’s day card. This is a poem that I wrote for my mother, and that “came to me” in about 30 seconds, as I was writing my mother today.

Here is the deal. My mother does not know Jesus. My goal is to be a light and an inspiration to her, and just to love her, in a language that she can understand. It turns out that she asked me to write a poem, and so I sat down to write a poem, and it just came, like I said, in about 30 seconds. You might not think that the poem actually makes much sense, but it actually does. First, my mother lives at least 7 hours away from me. Second, she lives in a beautiful country, surrounded by trees, flowers, and untold beauty. In all of this, she has not yet found, or decided to believe in, Jesus Christ. Maybe one day she will, or one day she will not. Irrespective, I will love her, and do my best to be sensitive to her, and to her wishes. She wanted a poem. Here is the poem that I feel the Lord gave me today.

Thank you and may God bless you!

(PS: Read carefully! It actually makes sense! :-))

PPS: Furthermore, I might add that I live in Canada, and everyone is “smoking pot” around here, and I’m serious about that. I smell it everywhere I go, daily. It has not even been legalized yet, and there is a strong push to legalize it. You can see what the “sentiment” is around here. You will notice my reference to “dope” in the poem below. With regards to another reference, “booty”, that is about people always wanting to “get”, whereas God is a God of love, and desires to “give.”

The Flower (a Mother’s Day Poem)

You asked for a poem,
But all I got is phloem,
Sittin’ right beside me on the table,
In the plant that is able,

To produce such a staple, as mesmerizes the eyes
(Making them grow with incredible size)
The staple is that which is necessary to survive
It gives hope to the eyes

A beautiful flower,
Full of life-sustaining power,
A ray of hope,
(In a land filled with dope)

An impression of beauty,
(Whereas in some cases, there are those who are only thinking about booty)
It’s a beautiful smile
(I think it’s quite in style)

A flower, filled with colour,
Filled with pizzazzzzzz,
You say, “Why do I need a flower?”
Just becazzzzz

But alas! The flower is not there,
It’s actually far closer to my stair
Than in the presence of your air
(But I’d be mighty surprised if there are no flowers out there!)

Climb the stairs, and look down, and look out,
My, oh my, I think it’s worth a glorious shout!
Outside is beauty untold
A gift to you, by the lover of your soul.

Happy mother’s day!

Addendum for the readers:

Do you have a mother, or someone that needs encouraging today? How do you value a human soul? Human souls are precious in God’s sight. Think about what you can do for someone today, in order to esteem them, and let them know they are of inestimable and incredible value in God’s sight. What can you do? Give a gift. Make that phone call. Tell them in words they are valuable. Do something special for someone today. Not all may be mothers, not all may have their children. Some may be grieving. You can make an incredible difference in someone’s life. You will be blessed as you do.

Several years ago, I started to send my mother a financial gift every year. I at first thought of sending her a small or moderate amount of money, so she could go out for dinner with her husband and do something very special. But amazingly, I strongly felt the Lord saying, “Go over the top for your mother, and show her how much she is worth and valued.” So I doubled that amount. Then I felt the Lord was pleased.

The Spirit of God has one intent, really — just one intent in all of this — and that is to show, or demonstrate, to the recipient, just how valuable they are. Perhaps money is not the thing for you. Perhaps it is something else. But you can do something to really “speak” into that person’s life.

How valuable are they, really, to you? What about to God?

I have a neighbour whose mother came to visit him. She stayed for a week or so. But my neighbour had bitterness against his mother. One day, my neighbor kicked his own mother’s dog so hard, it required 300 dollars worth of stitches. The mother was devastated and in tears. My wife and I had the opportunity to pray with her, this grieving mother.

Do you see the difference between what God wants and what man does, sometimes?

Bless your mother today. Bless and do not curse. It will go well with you!

“Whoever curses his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in blackness of darkness.” (Proverbs 20:20)

Go in peace, and be a blessing to someone today! (And what you sow, you will reap!)