The Hug

I walked into the chiropractor’s office. It was like any other visit. Almost. There were many people there that filled the room. I’d say there were 30 or 40 of them in all. Packed. As usual. This chiropractor was busy! Why? Well, I am convinced it had something to do with his faith! Scripture all over the walls. A loving and caring heart. A man who cared more about his patients than about making money. Yes, I think that had a lot to do with it. Of course, he was also good at what he did, for what use is a chiropractor that can’t “chiro-pract”?

There was a young girl there. I suppose she must have been about 13 or 14. Amidst the buzz and the hum of all those people, she stood out in no uncertain terms. She cried out with a loud voice, seemingly to whomever would listen, “I NEED A HUG!”

I immediately yelled back right to her, “I’LL BE GLAD TO GIVE YOU A HUG!”

I was actually surprised in just a very small way, because the girl heard me loud and clear, and proceeded to make her way right over to me! Part of me didn’t expect her to come over to me. Part of me simply expected her to hear what I had to say, and then to be blessed by it, without actually coming over and hugging me.

So I was just a little bit surprised when she made her way over to me, no more than about three or four seconds after I had said that I would be willing to give her a hug. For she WANTED the hug that I had promised to give, which she had cried out for!

Without reservation, she came over and hugged me. I hugged her, too, and said, “Here’s your hug.” Then, I added, “You DESERVE a hug! We ALL deserve hugs!”

It wasn’t long after that that the appointment was finished. On my way out, I noticed the girl still there in the waiting room of the chiropractor’s office. People were still coming and going. And her mother was having an “open session” in front of everyone – shouting at her.

Then, I knew that, more than ever, this girl DID need a hug!

This girl knew what many of us have come to know in life. Fear. Alienation. Screaming. Shouting.

But what she needed the most was not that.

What she needed the most was to be loved.

By God’s sovereign will, I was able to place a “love deposit” into that very needy heart. A heart that made it very clear that it needed to be loved, when in a moment of need, the girl had cried out, “I need a hug!”

I look back on that time as not being a “chance” encounter. That girl had cried out for a hug about 3 seconds after I had originally walked in the chiropractor’s door.

No, I didn’t tell the girl about Jesus. But in a way, of course, I did. It was one of those cases, again, of being Jesus’s “hands and feet” when it was needed the most.

Well, I hope that you, today, might also have the chance to be Jesus’s hands and feet to someone around you. It might not be a hug that you give the other person, it might be a lending hand, or a compassionate ear, or something equally appropriate for the moment and the situation that you find yourself in. I’ll bet you that Jesus could use you today. I’ll bet you that Jesus could set up something pretty special today, and that by the time the day is over, you’ll have known that God really is in your midst, the blessing being passed on from you to someone else, and, of course, you receiving it back again, as that law of Scripture takes effect in your life, “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive”. (Acts 20:35c)

Be blessed! And receive from God, as you give his blessings away to someone in need today.