The Impelling of the Spirit

I had an experience recently in which I bought some basic items at a convenience store, paid for the items, gave the woman cashier a Billy Graham evangelistic tract, and then it appeared that the Lord was directing me to buy something else. Now, you see, I had already given the Billy Graham evangelistic tract to the woman at the check out counter. She had received it gladly. But now I had the ‘burden’ all of a sudden to buy something else. And, to be honest, in the natural realm, I would not have figured that it was really that important to do any more shopping than I had already done. My basic needs were met. Surely this could wait. But apparently it could not. Not, at least, if I was hearing God correctly.

And I believe I was hearing God correctly. In fact, what I would like to describe to you is the ‘sense’ of what I was feeling. Here I was standing at this checkout counter, about to gather up about three or four small bags of items, when my ‘inner man’ — that place where God has connection with my spirit — seemed to be moving me, or urging me, to stay ‘just a little longer’. More than that, I ‘knew’ I had to buy something more! Now the feeling is difficult to explain, but I can tell you that as sure as I’m typing these words, I believe it was a case of God ‘impelling me’, as it were, to do something. No, it wasn’t a voice. It was rather a definite sense of being ‘impelled’, that is, being moved by God to do something.

Now as it turns out, the woman that I had just paid my money to was now very busily occupied with another customer, and it didn’t make sense to just wait there for her line to clear up, so I looked around and saw another woman at another check out counter who seemed to have little traffic going through. I picked up the item that was on my mind, and I headed for her counter. I paid for the item. Now prior to even paying for the item, something else happened, as well. This thought went through my mind, “I wonder how she would react to a Billy Graham evangelistic tract, as well. As good as the first person?” I didn’t know. I graciously took out another tract, and offered it to her to read. I mentioned to her that I was from “such and such” a church, and, to my surprise, she said that one of her relatives went there!

Phew! I guess I did hear correctly from God after all.

You know, you just never know what kind of impact you will have on the next person that you meet. Who knows but that the fact that one of her relatives goes to that same church, will be the vehicle by which she will actually consider seriously what is written on that tract?

I praise God that he causes all things to work together for the good to those who love him. I believe I heard from God correctly at that store. I believe there was a reason for buying that extra ‘small item’ and paying for it at the different check out counter. I believe God did what he wanted to do, as well, when I first ‘checked out’ at the first counter, because I was then able to give an evangelistic track to not one, but two people, in the span of just a few minutes.

Praise the Lord!