The Importance of Closure

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

More and more, as I have walked this road of faith that I have been on for about 15 years now, I have found that understanding and practicing an important concept has helped me greatly. In fact, I must say, this concept is so important to me, that I don’t think I could really satisfy God’s desires for my life without it. This concept is what I call “a sense of closure” or “a sense of finality”. Now what I mean by this is that “things are finished”. For example, on a few occasions, I have earnestly desired to “go home” and be with my wife and family right after work, yet there has been this definite “tug” at my spirit, in which I almost seem to be utterly compelled to “hang around.” One such case was when I was about to leave, I felt this incredible urge to “hang around” this certain spot in the hallway. The point is, I did not have “a sense of closure” on going home yet. Something (someone) was saying to me, “Hang around for a while. Something good is going to happen.” So, what did I do? I hung around! But how did I know to do that? Was it because I “heard a voice telling me to hang around”? Absolutely not! (Though I have heard God’s voice before.) All I sensed was that, “Something is not finished. I must hang around. Something is going to happen.” At times like these, I find it almost impossible to do anything else but obey, for the “tug” is so great, that it literally grieves me to do anything else. Now what happened as a result of my (alleged) “obedience”? In less than 60 seconds, a man came by whom I was able to minister to! He was a friend who I did not expect to meet!

On another occasion, I had been looking for this certain person “all day” and seemed not to be able to find him. Where could he be? I searched and searched. Finally, I resolved to carry on my business as normal, because I couldn’t find him. A little later on, I was walking up the stairwell, and opened the door to the fifth floor (at that time where I was working), and I greatly sensed the Lord saying to me, “Don’t move.” I didn’t even know why the Lord was saying this, but all I knew was that I did not have a “sense of closure” of continuing to walk and go towards my desk. It was this lack of a “sense of closure” that stopped me dead in my tracks. Now what do I mean by a “lack of a sense of closure” in this context? I mean, I did not have the “go ahead” to “keep on walking.” It was this sense that there would be some “unfinished business” if I were to keep on walking — that I would miss something. And I think that really best describes what I am trying to get at. “If you were to go ahead in your present circumstances, you ‘know’ instinctively that you would be missing something.” That is what I mean by a sense of closure (or a “lack of a sense of closure,” in this context). So a “sense of closure” is “that thing that we need in order to be sure that we can carry on with the next step in life, whether that be a small step, like going home, or even going to our desk, or a larger step, like switching jobs, or moving from one city to another.” So I stopped. And I sensed that God was at work. I waited. And in about five to ten seconds (literally), the doors of the elevator opened in front of me and there was my friend who walked out! I had been looking for him all day, but all it took was listening and obeying God to find him! As soon as those doors opened and I saw my friend, guess what? I had an immediate sense of closure! “Okay, you can carry on, now!” Ah … that was God! I immediately struck up a conversation with my friend and could talk to him like I had wanted to! (Thank you, Lord!)

On yet another occasion, here I was crossing the street. And, there it was again, this sense of a “lack of closure” that, if I kept walking across the street, that something would be left undone, something would be missing! (Now you might think that is a little weird, because normally we should cross the street as quickly as possible.) But in this case, there was very little traffic on the road for as far as the eye could see (perhaps for half a mile in each direction), and so, I just stopped dead in my tracks and waited there, in obedience to what I believed God was telling me to do (“stop and wait or else you will be missing something”). Now, that is all the information I had, by the way, for God is never obliged to “give” more information to his people than is required for them to be able to trust him. And, in this case, I did not need a “full explanation” as to why God would want me standing in the middle of the road like that. All I needed was “God’s word”, and so, hearing it, I listened, and obeyed. Now can you imagine someone waiting in the middle of the street, just staring in front of him, because God had allegedly “told” him to do that? Does this not sound a little crazy? But, sure enough, that is what I heard. It is no exaggeration to say that I felt deeply, that, if I were to take another step, that I would be “missing” something. You see, what I did not have was that “sense of closure” that we need in order to move on to the next step in life. Something was as yet undone. And I did not want to miss whatever it was. So I just waited. In about 10 seconds, a “long lost friend” suddenly walked by right in front of my eyes! Had I kept going, however, I would have missed him completely, for we were walking in different directions, and I would have crossed over onto another street! Again, what happened as soon as I saw him? In my spirit I felt the sense of closure! “You can move on, now.” (Of course, we struck up a conversation and spent some time talking.)

Finally, I will describe to you another example in which (recently) I did not have a sense of closure. It was closing time, and I even went as far outside as to start my car, and even drive it about 100 feet. But something inside of me was saying, “You’re not finished yet.” I prayed, and, sure enough, I knew I had to go back, because there was something that God wanted me to do. Ah, there is was again … this lack of a sense of closure. What was it, Lord? I imagined that there was some “technical matter” that the Lord wanted me to deal with, but that was only the surface issue, for again, as with the previous three examples, this one would relate to a person, and the need to minister to that person. As I was walking along the corridors back at work again, I suddenly “ran into” one of my colleages. There, we struck up a conversation that lasted about 20 or even 30 minutes. Suddenly — it was as though God had planned it from long ago — I found myself engrossed in sharing with him about the FCET website, clicking on this link, and showing him another. I could sense God’s leadership in it all … that he really was leading in the midst of our conversation and doing a wonderful work in this man’s life! I was so excited and so thrilled! The man then told me that he went to church. Upon leaving, he said to me, while smiling, “God bless you! Have a good evening!” Wow. I was thrilled. Prior to that time, I had not even known if this man was from a Christian, or some other type of background. Now I knew much more. Now he knew “much more” too, and could visit the website at another time. Really, this was God’s timing. Finally, after that 20 or 30 minutes was over, guess what? Of course, I had closure! (I fulfilled another technical matter after that, which took me a few minutes, and then went home.)

God bless you as you consider these things.