The Importance of Listening to God

A simple act of obedience often results in a tremendous blessing!

[Recently], my wife was having a problem getting my youngest stepdaughter up and dressed for school. Her behavior was pretty much out of character because she’s usually the first one up in the morning. When she just wouldn’t move, my wife realized that she was going to make her older sister late, so she left her home with my two older sons while she took the older daughter to school. When my wife got back home the little one was ready to go, but late, so she turned around and took her to school to sign her in at the office. As my wife was coming out of the school, a woman approached her and nervously said, “I don’t know how to say this, but the Lord told me to speak to you.”

My wife, Dana, shares my love for the Lord and wasn’t surprised at all. She answered calmly, “Yes, what did He say?” The woman then started to cry and shared that she and her family had moved here from Ypsilanti, Michigan in February and just hadn’t been able to find a church where they felt the Lord moving. They missed the awesome praise and worship of their home church and were seeking a replacement. She said she had driven by the school earlier to drop off her son and that the Lord had told her to talk to Dana then but she hadn’t responded. She returned, however, after dropping off her teenage daughter at another school and saw our van parked in the school lot. She saw Dana walking into the school so she turned around and pulled into the parking lot where she said, “Lord if you really want me to talk to that woman, make her come out in 5 minutes.” Dana was in the school about a minute and a half. Awesome stuff!!!

Naturally, Dana told her about Woodland Hills and the woman (Phyllis) ended up following her home, where my sweet wife gave her a Brownsville video and shared the URL [world wide web site address] for [a number of Christian organizations, including] Reapernet, etc, etc. My wife now has a new Christian friend and another family has been led to their church.

Remember that the slow car in front of you, or the long line at the checkout counter in front of you, or one of your kids sleeping in an extra 15 minutes might be the beginning of a move of God. Again, listening to the Lord, and obeying always results in a blessing.