The Indescribable Gift!

I would like to share with you an experience that I had not long ago, in which I was driving along and the Lord seemed to say to me, “Turn right down this street.” However, I did not listen very carefully, and continued to proceed. However, as I continued to proceed (my wife beside me, and our children in the back), my spirit began to get more and more grieved. “You should have turned right at the previous street,” the Lord again appeared to be saying to me.

So, I stopped the car (though we were anxious to get home) and I put it in reverse. I backed it up until the previous street, and then began to drive down. I didn’t explain “everything” that was going on in my spirit at that time, but said to my family, simply, “Do you mind if we turn down this street to go home instead?” (No one seemed to mind, of course, but I wanted to be tactful since we were feeling that we needed to get home quickly, because it was getting late.)

Well, there was a blessing in store just a few houses down, but I didn’t know it at the time. We strolled along slowly, and we noticed the rather fancy house at our left. I jokingly said to my wife and children, “Hey, look, that’s our new house!” Yes, it was quite a joke indeed, for we surely would not be moving into such an elegant house as that. God had destined us for our current house … and there was no reason at all to move from there.

But then, as we were going along, I glanced down a bit, and there stood a rather nice looking hibachi barbecue sitting by the side of the road. “Ask them if you can have that,” the Lord seemed to be saying. Well, of course, I did just that. I first said to my family, “Well, look at that! An hibachi barbecue, sitting by the side of the road. I’m going to ask them if we can have it.”

I went up to the door, and rang the bell. In the distance (through the rather elegant ‘foyer’) I noticed a giant (7 foot???) television screen that was on. Hum…. this was a rich family indeed. (It wasn’t just the television screen, of course, that made it appear to be a rich house, but rather the entire surrounding as well as house in general.) A couple came to the door. The words seemed to then be in my mouth, “Do you mind if I ‘recycle’ your barbecue?” I asked them.

“Recycle” I thought to myself. “That’s a nice way to put it. Thank-you, Lord!” (‘Recycle’ as opposed to ‘take’ or ‘remove’ or ‘have’ … it gave a purpose to my mission and would let them know that their barbecue was not going to go to waste, as it would have if the garbage truck had picked it up!) The kindly folks both said, “Yes, of course!” So there I was with a rather nice barbecue to now put into our van. Well, with the help of my wife, we just managed to get it inside … with less than 1 cm (1/2 inch) to spare! Hum … was that the Lord, or what!?

The Bible says, “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22) I can certainly say that there has been no sorrow accompanied with this blessing at all, but only joy in knowing that the Lord has desired to bless us in this way, for this truly is a blessing to our entire family, as we are now able to cook using this barbecue, at just “such a time as this” (that summer is approaching) and we are sure that we will be able to bless others using this barbecue as well, in the weeks and months and days to come!

Praise the Lord for his wonderful and gracious gifts! While a barbecue is only a temporary blessing that serves earthly purposes, there is another blessing which the Lord gave to all of mankind (those willing to accept it) approximately 2000 years ago. About that time, God sent Jesus into the world, to suffer on the cross, and bear the sin of the whole world — that is, your sin and my sin. The Bible says that without the shedding of (Christ’s) blood, there is no forgiveness. By confessing to him our need for his forgiveness, and personally receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior, we become “born again” as the Bible says, and become children of God.

“But to as many as received him, he gave the right (or power) to become children of God, even to those who believed on his name.” (John 1:12)

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

Praise the Lord, indeed, for this indescribable and precious gift!