The Powers That Be – Part 3

The unseen demonic powers set up over, and through, and in, and around, governments of this world are very real powers that have gained their power and influence through the effects of the sin. But much can be done to deal with these powers, the first of which, really, is a contrite, humble, heart, in the person who is trying to deal with them. Now bear in mind, too, that it only takes one, or a very few, such people, the willingness to start praying about these things before we start to see changes taking place. That is because we serve an awesome God, and it is not so much the power of the person but his God that matters the most. Plus, it is extremely important to remember, the leading of the Holy Spirit must take precedence. What I mean by this is that, it is not so much whether there is ONE or MORE people praying together. What really matters is the strict, willing, contrite, obedience of the ONE TO WHOM GOD HAS SPOKEN. Hence, the great ‘revivals’ under Elijah’s day. And God can, and will, do it again.

Is Canada gone? Is the US gone? No, not at all. They are entirely in God’s hands, and God WILLS that they be COMPLETELY in his hands. But Satan has got “some” people far too convinced that the battle is over, when, in fact, it has only just begun. Think again. Remember that in Elijah’s day, there was indeed corruption in the land. It only took one Elijah to LISTEN to what God was saying, and to OBEY that great God that he then served and which we now serve, before things began to take a drastic turn for the better. So the “powers that be” are very real. But the POWER THAT IS – IS FAR STRONGER STILL! And that power is the power of our Almighty Lord, and his other name is Jesus. Thinks about it. That’s the One that created the heavens and the earth, and all of those billions of galaxies which one can only begin to imagine about! So he’s strong — a lot mightier than one single angel, that one day all men shall look and gasp in uttor shock and disbelief, “Is this the one that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms?” (cf. Isaiah 14:16)

I was once praying to the Lord about a certain homosexual politician, highly visible within our goverment here in Canada. I thought it would be the right thing to do, praying, “Lord, take this man out of office.” But I was rather stunned by what seemed to me (and still seems to me) to be the CLEAR RESPONSE OF OUR LORD on this matter. “No! I will NOT do that, and DON’T PRAY TO ME ABOUT THAT BECAUSE IT IS NOT MY WILL TO REMOVE THIS MAN FROM HIS OFFICE WHICH I HAVE SPECIFICALLY CALLED HIM TO BE IN SO AS TO PROVOKE MY PEOPLE TO REPENTANCE!” So what good will it do for me to persist in praying against a man like that? But rather, should I not give glory to God for allowing him to be a ‘thorn’ in the side of complacent Christians? So we need to be CAREFUL who were are trying to ‘fight’ when it comes to resisting, or praying against, certain ‘powers’ that are ordained of who? Of God … or of the devil? Let’s ask God carefully about this, and stay in communion with him, so we can hear his voice. One Elijah carefully placed, will do a great deal of damage to the enemy’s kingdom. The enemy may even bruise his heel, but he has crush his head (cf Genesis 3:15).

Thus, do not be deceived by the alleged strength of the enemy, when all too often, it is the weakness of Christians that is to blame. Nevertheless, not too long ago, my wife and I were in our car, when I clearly felt demonic forces trying to gain some type of advantage over me, on account of what appeared to me to be a goverment issue (it was something that I just sensed). “Honey, there must be something going on in parliament today … I can feel it,” I told my wife. “Today is the day they discuss the child-pornography case in the House of Commons,” my wife said to me. Ah … I was right! I was a goverment issue, and there were demonic forces bearing down on me. Presto. It really gave me a sense of encouragement, that, if I could “sense” these powers trying to gain their influence upon my being, then it was also a confirmation that I could pray against them with authority, to my Lord, who would “take care” of them. So, I simply followed God’s VERY CLEAR leading, and prayed against them, with a real sense of victory, cutting them down as I went along. I believe the issue is still “on-going” so to speak, but I am convinced, even from that day, that a great victory was won. So I am encouraged, and I pass this along to you so that you too, may take heart, and seek God, and be forewarned that “all you feel” may not necessarily have anything to do with your own sin, but, as you decide to take your stand for Christ, you will stand out “all that much more” to the enemy camp. Take courage. Your prayers in such case AVAILETH A GREAT DEAL. (James 5:16) And, indeed, as I learned that I was being assaulted on account of our nation as a whole, I simple prayed very victoriously, and really had a great sense of God’s presence, so that, in no time at all, his peace flooded right over me, and I knew, that, whatever it was that was to have been “done” at that time, from a spiritual perspective, had been done indeed.

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