The Problem With Kids

I was just outside the door, about to go to a Christian gathering, and, being rather uncertain as to whether I really wanted to go to this meeting or not, I impulsively thought of returning to the house, where I could stay within the confines of my living room and not worry about having to meet people or do anything at all. So there I was, with my hand on the knob, deciding whether I was going to go back inside the house and do something else, or get on with it, and go to that meeting.

“Go to the meeting,” the Lord spoke to me, “there’s something there that I want to show you.”

The voice was unmistakable. The Lord had spoken to me. Go to the meeting. Now I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was a specific purpose in my going to this specific meeting. God had something planned. I was going to go. And I would find out what it was.

I went to the meeting and nothing unusual happened, or so it appeared. It was just a normal meeting. Now you have to know that this meeting was a meeting that catered to the down-and-outers, often hundreds of them, who came in off the street to find some love and compassion in the midst of a hurting and often fearful world. So you meet all types, from the gentle to the rather outspoken, and, in an environment like that, there is hardly any protocol. One man might shout at you, while another might whisper. But whatever happens, people are loved, and the gospel is presented, in the midst of a friendly, loving, and food-filled atmosphere.

Upon leaving that place – literally at the door – I happened to mention my children by using the word “kid” to one of the persons there. To me, it was a passing comment. But to this man, it was far more than that. You see, I didn’t use the word “children” when describing my children. I used the word “kid”. And the man heard it lout and clear and immediately challenged me.

“Don’t ever use that word when talking about your children!” he said to me in no uncertain terms. “A kid is a goat!” he said to me, “and in the Bible, God separates the sheep from the goats and it is the goats that are damned and the sheep that are saved!”

Suddenly I all of a sudden “knew” I had heard what God had wanted me to hear in sending me to that meeting. It was clear. In fact, it was razor sharp and couldn’t be clearer. And that was two to three years ago (1).

I was very convicted by what the man had said to me that day. No-one else had ever spoken about this before in all my Christian life (about 15 years up until that time). Just this one single man. I had been to seminary before. I spoke English. I knew my Bible. But I continually referred to my children as “kids”.

But that, my friends, has long since passed.

You see, I took the man seriously, and believe that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was a word from the Lord for me. After all, WHY would a person refer to their beloved children as KIDS, if not that we have been attuned, in our society, to do so? It certainly isn’t a biblical thing, that is for sure. There is absolutely no justification for it.

And, in case you didn’t know, a “kid” IS a “goat”.

Is your child a “goat”? Is is the goats that are damned in Scripture.

Scripturally-speaking, you need to refer to your children as children.

I’d like to challenge you today to do just that. And I’d also like to challenge you to do something else, which you will not have a hard time doing if you’ll only meet me in the first part of my challenge (to call your children “children” and not “kids”). I guarantee you that your ears will all of a sudden be wide open to the usage of the word “kid” in society, and you will utterly be amazed at how prevalent its usage is. Way over 50% of all references to children is via the word “kids” and not “children” at all. The word “kids” will start ringing in your ear like a bad name, and you will be convinced that this world has been duped into using totally incorrect terminology for the ones that God loves – your children and mine.

They are children, friends. And they are not kids.

Thank God for that! Call them children, for that is what they are. Call them sheep if you want. Because that, too, is biblical. But don’t, by your words, tear down what God wants to build up. Don’t by your words declare something to be cursed by referring to it as a “kid” when God has called them “children”.

As for me, I will never again use the word “kid” when referring to my beloved children. You’ll never hear it coming out of my mouth. You’ll never see it in my writings – since the day I had that divine, I believe, encounter with that man. Thank God for that!

(1) My “conversion” in this manner was possibly late February or March of 2001. My article “Blessings in return”, dated Feb 13, 2001, uses the word “kid” but no others appear with it since that time.

(2) Note that I never wrote about this before because I was never convicted that it needed to be shared on a large scale but simply applied personally in my own life. But I feel today that the Lord is leading me to share this with you so that you, too, might reform your speech and be blessed. If I had to tell you of all the good things God has done in my life since that time, it would take me literally hundreds and hundreds of pages and so I am telling you this with the full knowledge that you will be blessed if you apply it. Scripture backs you in this. You can’t go wrong and God will certainly honor you for your decision – that is certain.

(3) Note finally, that it has never been my practice to “rebuke” people for using the word “kid” in their speech, but to simply be an observer of how duped our society has become in using a word that refers to “cursed ones” in referring to those that the Bible says TO SUCH BELONG THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Does it make you wonder that the word “kid” is ENTIRELY CARNAL, BORN OF THE DEVIL, AND DESIGNED TO BRING DULLNESS TO THE SPIRITUAL SENSES in as much as we begin to lessen our harsh view of what a “kid” really is, in Scripture, when we ourselves are so openly willing to use the term in reference to our own children?

“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Luke 18:6)