The Real Meaning of September 11, 2001

We all know what 911 means. It is the number to call when you have an emergency. There have been some reports of the mishandling of phone calls when individuals have called the 911 number. Some were not taken seriously by the 911 operator and suffered or even died as a result. Some repeatedly called 911 and were not given the proper treatment. Some, apparently, were shown real prejudice, black versus white, or white versus black prejudice, for example. If you watch television at all, you may remember the story about William Shatner’s wife. She was found at the bottom of a pool by her husband and her husband called 911. The call was subsequently made public for all to hear (if you’re a celebrity, not much is private these days). That was a tragic situation. Most 911 calls indeed revolve around tragic events. That is what 911 is all about. It is the number to call when faced with a tragedy. At least, it’s the number to call if you’re just about anywhere in the US or Canada (I’m actually not sure about other countries).

Now do not think I take the events of last September 11 (or 9-11) lightly when I say this, for I certainly do not. However, as a Christian do you not sometimes think about what prophetic symbolism exists in the fact that these horrendous acts of terrorism did, in fact, occur, on … “9-11”? I would share with you what I think the possible prophetic meaning may be. You please judge what I say … you don’t have to necessarily accept it, but I would like to present this to you to at least consider. I am not the final say on the matter; God is. But I believe that we would do well to consider some of these things as to what indeed God is saying in the midst of it all.

First all of all, I would like to talk about the moral state of America, and indeed, Canada. My dear Christian friend, do not be deceived on this matter. The moral state of America, and, indeed, Canada, is in tatters. It is in ruins. It is a shambles. I did *not* say that this is the absolute state of everyone in these countries. I am speaking in generalities here. I am saying, “on the whole — that is, as a society — the moral state is in ruins.” Sure, you and a thousand others might be leading a morally acceptable life before the Lord. Perhaps even ten thousand others. Perhaps even a million. But my premise is that, in general — on the whole — we are in ruins. We, the “righteous” — if you and I dare boast about living a morally acceptable life before God our creator — are in the vast minority, and not the majority, when it comes to this world.

Having said that, I cannot help but think that there is a type of prophetic symbolism in the fall of the twin towers of September 11, 2001. In a few words, 911 (September 11th, 2001) means, “the moral situation in the west today is tragic”. Can you hear the cry? Can you hear the resounding echo throughout the land? It is as though the “emergency” call has been placed, do you not think? I am not talking about the “emergency call” relating to the events of September 11, 2001. No, not at all. I am talking about the “emergency call” relating to the state of affairs — that is, the moral state of affairs before God our creator — as it currently exists in America, being, really, the greatest example, and show, of “power” that this world has to offer.

“Sure,” you may be agreeing with me. “But is the rest of the world any better? Is Canada, or Europe, or China, or India, or anywhere else, any better at all?” The answer of course is NO, NOT AT ALL. WE ARE ALL SINNERS AND HAVE “FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD,” as it says in the Romans 3:23. The difference is, of course, that America has been ENTRUSTED with more than these others countries. THAT, my friend, is the REAL difference! So don’t get mad at me when I target America! You, being a good Bible student, can be sure of one thing, if you’ve read the book of Job. God explicitly PERMITTED the twin towers to fall, for nothing happens without his permission!

You may be familiar with Roe versus Wade and the ensuing legalization of abortion in the US in 1973. Since then, how many babies have been slaughtered in a mass killing that makes the holocaust of World War Two almost seem like, well, innocent? Now whether you like it or not, and whether you agree with it or not, unless abortion is STOPPED in America, America will continue to slide along that perilous path towards her own destruction, despite good sermons, street preachers, good exposition, Bible studies, tract evangelism, and all the rest. Unless abortion is STOPPED and a REVERSAL occurs, I submit to you that it’s only a matter of time before the events of September 11, 2001, takes on it’s REAL significance: Not the “tragedy that was” but rather, “the CALL that was not responded to in time.” For I submit to you that the real significance of September 11, 2001, does not lie in what HAPPENED but in what is DESTINED TO HAPPEN IF AMERICA DOES NOT NOW WAKE UP FROM HER SLUMBER. In short, judgment is coming! That is what “911” means, my friends! It is God’s “emergency call” to America!

Can you feel the reverberations bouncing back and forth, an endless reminder that the moral state of our nations are perilously close to falling off the precipice beyond which there will be absolutely no return? 911. 911. 911. Keep saying “911” over and over again, until you get the message. We have, my friends, a “911” on our hands! We have it NOW. It’s not in the past! It’s here NOW, IN OUR VERY MIDST. The situation in American has NOW REACHED 911 PROPORTIONS! THAT IS WHAT 911 IS ALL ABOUT! Since “911” (September 11, 2001), indeed “911” has been the main topic of discussion! From man’s vantage point, it is worthy of discussion. From God’s vantage point, I believe, it is worthy from a slightly different vantage point: WARNING! September 11, 2001, was not the “big one.” It was merely the WARNING that the “big one” is coming! It was merely the placing of the “911” call! In other words, it was God’s “911” call that the situation in America has reached “disastrous” proportions.

It’s either “wake up now” or “don’t wake up at all.”

What’s your decision?

Senator, congressman, and for those of you everywhere who have the God-given power to make a difference and to speak up for what is right and wrong, I ask you, point blank, WHAT IS YOUR DECISION?