The Senses

Dad, if I find a black spot on an orange, and it is mushy inside, does that mean that that part has gone bad?

“That’s right”, I replied to my son.

That made me think about how the Lord speaks to us. Notice that on the bad part of an orange, the Lord doesn’t put up a sign saying, “Gone bad”. He simply changes the color a bit. We’re supposed to figure out the rest.

Now evolution or mother nature didn’t do this. The Lord did. It was the Lord’s decision to make the bad spot turn black – or whatever the alternate color, or smell, or taste, or texture, may be for whatever it is that has gone bad. Chicken that has gone bad, for example, has an extremely foul odor. And uncooked fish that has been unfrozen and then refrozen turns into something like sawdust when cooked — this is a change in texture which lets us know that something went wrong.

This is our God. He often reveals things to us in pictures, or smells, or colors, or textures. I am, of course, referring to the five senses.

Take for example a rainbow. This picture is about a story which you can read about in Genesis 6 through 9, which culminates with a promise that God will never flood the earth again. The rainbow is God’s sign of his promise, as we read in Genesis 9:12-15.

How about the sense of taste? A good tasting apple or orange speaks of God’s goodness and desire to bless us.

So far we’ve covered seeing (color), smelling, tasting, feeling (texture). What about hearing? What could be more apropos than music? Heaven will be filled with it, and we will worship God forever in an environment of music.

Through our sense of hearing we see that God is good, and receive blessings from him. And I’m not referring to hearing the preacher preach in this case, but rather the hearing that comes from anointed worship. It is something that touches the deep inside of us, deep within our spirits, even affecting our emotions.

What a shame then to think that so many have “turned off” their senses and expect God to only speak to them through the preacher’s message or through the word of God! Admittedly, everything must be consistent with the word of God, yes. But this is not the only means that God speaks … by far!

Be open to receiving from God. And be open with all of your senses. Expect him to speak, and he will. For he longs to bless you and communicate his message of love and forgiveness with those that are interested in hearing.

Have you given thanks today for those blessings that you have received so far through your five senses? Take time to praise him and worship him regularly in light of all that he has given to you, and you will begin to enter into a new dimension in your relationship with him.