The Silent Worshipper

‘The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handywork.’ (Psalm 19:1)

Friends, are you aware that whilst you are travelling to and from your place of work you are able to witness one of the most spectacular displays of worship?

From the scriptures we learn that ‘All creation declares God’s glory’.

The sky over us, whether in the UK, or in Canada, or elsewhere in the world, is constantly declaring God’s praises. OK, it doesn’t sing in a way we can hear, but it does what God created it to do. In this month of October, the skies over southern England are so beautiful. A sunset sky consisting of shades of red, orange and yellow is the sky declaring of the glory of God. Do you ever look at the sky and think ‘wow’? I often do. Well, remember that the ‘sky’ is saying ‘Praise the Lord!’ when it does that.

So we are joined in our worship of God by the ‘silent worship’ of creation.

Through the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit affirms this silent worship, particularly in psalm 148 when He exhorts the different parts of the creation to praise the Lord.

Similarly, the wind blowing through trees or across a grassy plain somewhere is declaring the praises of God. How often does this happen when no one but God is looking?

Next time you are in awe of the beauty of a sunset or a sunrise or some particular landscape scene, think about the silent worship of creation.

Let’s be inspired in our praise and worship of God by the praise of the ‘silent worshipper’.

For ‘Great is the Lord, and greatly (extravagantly) to be praised’. (Psalm 145:3)