The Sound of the Apocalypse

The following is the first video in a seven part YouTube series, in which these guys discuss the very strange sounds that have been occurring globally. They go into more detail than I’ve heard anywhere else, and they compare the sounds. For example, they compare Kiev Ukraine with a place in Canada, and they play both sounds reasonably close together, and you can tell that at least some of these sounds actually sound the same. They are being reported by many people, with no source known. Just last week, there was a strange sound heard in different parts of Costa Rica, at around 12:30 in the morning, and again, there was no source known. The wind apparently was not blowing, and the sounds were heard in many different cities at the same time. It is being called “the sound of the apocalypse.”

The following segment is done by some interesting guys, and they give discuss and play some of those sounds — there is a small amount of minor profanity, but let it blow over, because the value of this clip is, in my opinion, quite significant.

Here is the direct link to the same video, in case it goes missing from the above URL:

If I had to describe the sound, it sounds almost like an eerie groaning, or a howl of some sort — it is quite distinct. It’s a sound like I don’t you have heard before. There was one very interesting comment made in the video, that Jesus said that if the people don’t praise Him then the rocks would cry out. The sound may be totally supernatural, or the sound may be caused by the shifting of the earth, and the grating of rocks together, possibly, in the natural realm. Either way, the sound is appearing, and it’s appearing globally, in different countries. It’s quite convincing to reason that these are not manufactured, but real, because the similarities of the sounds being reported in places far away from one another. I have not heard them all, but I’ve heard some of them. Some of these sounds are putting some fear into people. In one case, in Costa Rica, I could hear the person who was taking the video talking to another person (in Spanish), and the man was certainly displaying a high level of concern. The sounds are worthy of being looked into.

PS This (next) fellow also did a video on the “sounds of the apocalypse” in Costa Rica. It is far less detailed, but more Biblio-centric than the former. Nevertheless, one of the fellows in the previous video is evidently a believing Christian, as appears evident when you hear him speak. The previous video is more technical in nature, however, and I think you will appreciate it. After that, you can get the biblical “spin” on it, here:

Another internet source, as appears in Costa Rica English Online Newspaper (among many others) is:

Is the Lord returning soon? Yes, He is.