The Two Sticks

I looked and there right before me stood two sticks. They just sat there, feigning a sense of innocence and purity, while in reality, being filled with an electric, demonic power. I knew they were filled with this power, because something inside me told me so (that was the Holy Spirit). It was almost as if these two sticks had eyes and were looking at me. There was something eerie about these two sticks.

I was immediately tempted to pick them up, when, all of a sudden, I asked the Lord what the names of these two sticks were.

“The one is fear”, the Lord replied to me, “and the other is rage.”

At that very moment, I also felt overcome by these two emotions, and, while I had not, as of yet, picked up either of these two sticks, their presence to me was something close to magnetic.

Could I pull myself away from the power of these two sticks? I could not hear a voice, but I knew some unseen being was beckoning me to pick them up, and as soon as I would do so, these two sticks would turn into venomous serpents. I would be safe, however, as long as I didn’t pick them up. Their “power” was in my own will to pick them up.

With the Lord by my side, I declined to pick them up, and began humming a melody instead.

“Lord, you are, more precious, than silver,
Lord, you are, more costly, than gold,
Lord, you are, more beautiful that diamonds,
And nothing I desire compares with you.”

As I sang, the magnetic attraction of these two sticks began to diminish.

I could do it; yes, I could do it! I could win the victory by not paying attention to the two sticks, but, rather, by focusing my attention on the Lord. The power of personal worship and praise did it. It “weakened” the power of these two sticks so that I was able to break free from their grasp. I had done it! I had refrained from picking them up!

“Do you want to go forward?” the Lord then asked me.

“Yes, Lord,” I replied. “I want to do your will.”

“You shall be tested,” the Lord replied, “as through fire. And when you come out the other side, I shall have purified you, as though passing through the furnace seven times.”

It was time to move on to the next lesson.