They Found His Body!

They found His Body…in you and me.

The Tomb is empty.

The True Light has come into the world, died for the people who walked in darkness… to as many as received Him He gave the power to become Children of God… He once for all settled the debt of sin owed by man following the god of this world… With His Blood, personally, in THE TEMPLE, He, once for all offered a perfect sacrifice…

His sacrifice was accepted as complete, total payment for as many as received Him… He returns to sit at the right hand of the Father… as King of Kings and Lord of Lords FOREVER.

We know Him… We’ve seen Him… I see Him everywhere… the tomb’s empty… but HE is EVERYWHERE.

Praise God for his Unspeakable Gift… His Love/Life/Blood purchased my opportunity to have “real” life 2,000 years ago… The Blood will never lose its power.

Praise HIM forever.

“Lord, behold their threats. Grant your servants boldness and you stretch out your hand”… (Acts 4:29-30).

HE’S ALIVE forever… on His Throne… and in you and me!

How can we say thanks??? Can we really put these thoughts on “electronic paper”… nope …

“Father, today, we offer the precious gift of true life you’ve given us… back to you… as a living sacrifice… We yield all that we are… our bodies, our minds, our wives, our children, our workstuff, our playstuff, our giftings you’ve given… Father we pray Jim Elliot’s simple prayer… ‘Lord, take these idle sticks of my life, and let me burn out for thee.'”