Things that Bind

If font size counted for the extent of the impression made upon you in reading this ITG, I would write this little write up in 450 point (very large) size font! I want to talk to you today about certain “things that bind.” Again, I would like to write this in 450 point size font — if it would make any difference to the way you would receive it.

You would be absolutely astounded at some of the things that “bind us” in our day-to-day living. First, let me tell you about what I’m referring to. I’m referring to spiritual binding “powers” or “forces” that can, and do, bind you emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, even physically. These are “powers” sent to you from the demonic realm. Let’s go over this a little to get a better grasp on things.

The Bible says, “An undeserved curse does not come to rest” (Proverbs 26:2). A curse can be anything, but I am referring to specifically demonic spirits sent against you. These can “come from” God (to test you) or from “Satan” to tempt you — you choose however you want to look at it; Scriptures supports both views. If you are under a curse, two questions come to mind. First, do you realize it? (Or, are you living with it thinking that you are living life at the “norm” when really you are living life below norm?). Second, for what reason are you under a curse? The answer to that question would help a lot, if knowing the answer would help you to reverse, or “undo” the curse that has “deservedly” (according to Proverbs 26:2) fallen upon you.

I am very prompted to write this ITG simply because, recently, one of my unnamed relatives called me up on the phone. He called me up at a time when I was (continuing) to prepare our basement for having over guests who would be worshipping the Lord together in that very basement. Satan knew that the work was important — so did God. You could almost imagine a scenario (as in the book of Job) where God said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? Okay, Satan, you can go get/test/try him.” Hence, my unnamed relative, with whom I had not spoken for weeks and weeks, called me up “at the very instance” (remarkable timing, Satan) where I was in the middle of the work and doing the most important part of it.

In that conversation, my relative — operating through Satan’s channels, I am sure — unwittingly, perhaps, put a “curse” upon me. How did he do this? Through his words: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). He said to the effect that my relationship with my son was in jeopardy. Was God speaking through my relative? Was it Satan? Was it perhaps a combination of the two? Was there something I was to learn from this brief, sporadic, almost haranguing, encounter with my relative? What was God trying to say to me, if anything? Why did my relative even have permission to call me and say these things? First, I believe these things don’t happen by accident. I’m seen too many so-called “coincidences” along these lines that have demonstrated to me that the timing was something spiritual, not accidental. If so, then permission was granted by God to Satan to test me with that phone call. God had a purpose in it.

I hung up the phone, and one thing’s for sure: since ending that conversation, something “unholy” stayed with me that I was not able to break, in and of myself or even through prayer. Though the man was not a godly man, and a sense of malice even seemed to be in his intent, perhaps God was nevertheless trying to speak to me through those words, “Your relationship with your son is in jeopardy.” Remember Baalam’s donkey (Numbers 22:21-33)? God can even use a donkey to speak his message to us. How much more a human being even though he is not a Christian? “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; as a river of water, he turns it wherever he wants.” (Proverbs 21:1).

I couldn’t shake that unholy “thing” that was sent against me, and then something very interesting happened a few days later. I needed to buy some dish detergent, and I said to my son and daughter, “Do you want to come to the store with me?” My son immediately said to me, “Can we buy my water gun now?” I said, “Sure!” without realizing that I was about to fulfill a two, or three, or even four-week-old commitment.

Undone commitments will bind you, and allow “curses” to be sent against you. LISTEN!!! (Pretend the font is extra big now). For two solid days, since that unnamed relative had called me up, I was being troubled by a “spirit of fear” which came between me and my son (it was not there between me and my daughter, for example, or between me and my wife). As SOON as we walked in the door of that store to buy the dish detergent — and the water gun — BOOM, LIKE LIGHTNING, THE CURSE VANISHED and all my fears COMPLETELY and ASTONISHINGLY disappeared. The confidence I previously had concerning my son was IMMEDIATELY and COMPLETELY RESTORED, as good as it has ever been in the last four years since he was born.

What is the lesson to be learned in all of this? I believe it is just this. Number one, as it says in Proverbs 26:2, “An undeserved curse does not come to rest.” In other words, the words of the unnamed relative could have had no power over me if there had not been grounds in my own life to allow that curse to rest. I firmly believe it was Satan “working through my relative” to put that — deserved — curse on me. And I believe God willfully gave “permission” for Satan to afflict me in this way, because (as Martin Luther said), “the devil is God’s devil.” In others words, the affliction would turn out to be a disciplinary agent of God in my life, to bring enlightenment or revelation to my soul and mind. What is funny is that the walking into the store was almost haphazard and incidental, nevertheless, the curse completely lifted, and I was (and remain) completely free. The gun was bought — the WEEKS OLD PROMISE WAS FULFILLED. The lesson I have learned from all of this is that I need to fulfill my promises quickly. Precious lives, both young and old, are at stake.